Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.60 Update Patch Notes

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Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.60 Update


Minecraft Bedrock Edition's 1.19.60 Update introduces a number of experimental features and important bug fixes.
The experimental features are accessible only if you have signed up for beta features.
Both Block of Bamboo and Stripped Block of Bamboo can be crafted into 2 Bamboo Planks in the new update.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition received a new update that focuses on quality-of-life updates and some bug fixes. The new update also has a few experimental features that you can try out right now which may be permanently added to the game in the future. Here is a rundown of all of the changes in Minecraft’s 1.19.60 update.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.60 Experimental Features

Here are all of the experimental features that have been added to Minecraft’s 1.19.60 update: 

Mob Heads on Note Blocks

  • When placing a Mob Head on a Note Block, that Note Block will now play one of the ambient sounds of that mob when played by a player or powered by Redstone!

Piglin Mob Head

  • Piglins will now drop their heads when killed by a charged Creeper.

  • Placing the Piglin Head on a Note Block will play one of the Piglin's ambient sounds

  • The Piglin Head will flap its ears when powered by Redstone upon being worn by a player!


  • Added Block of Bamboo, which can be crafted from 9 Bamboo

  • Added Stripped Block of Bamboo, which can be obtained by using an Axe on a Block of Bamboo

  • Both Block of Bamboo and Stripped Block of Bamboo can be crafted into 2 Bamboo Planks

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.60 Gameplay Changes

Here are all of the changes to mobs and blocks in the new update.


  • Added new Spawn Egg items for Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem, and Wither mobs, which can be obtained using commands

  • Polar Bear Spawn Egg colors have changed to distinguish it from the Ghast Spawn Egg

  • Vex hitboxes are now vertically centered with their models 

  • Vex and Allay now sit properly in Boats and Minecarts 

  • Fixed Vex texture disparity between Bedrock and Java

  • Slimes and Magma Cubes no longer spawn in spaces that are 2 blocks tall or less 

  • Glow Squid now emit particles when spawned outside of water

  • Using a Saddle on a tamed Horse, Donkey, or Mule now results in it being equipped

  • Using Horse Armor on an unarmored, tamed Horse now results in it being equipped 

  • Using a Carpet on a tamed Llama now results in it being equipped 

  • Dispensers can now equip Saddles and Horse Armors to tamed Horses

  • Dispensers can now equip Saddles and Chests to tamed Mules and Donkeys

  • Dispensers can now equip Carpets and Chests to tamed Llamas

  • Dispensers can now equip Saddles to Pigs and Striders

  • Shears in a Dispenser now only shear one Sheep at a time

  • Shears in a Dispenser can now shear Snow Golems and Mooshrooms

  • The Wandering Trader no longer has a chance to offer duplicate Seed trades 

  • Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now only spawn at light level 7 and below (instead of 11 and below) in the Nether 

  • Updated the Skeleton/Zombie Horse's and Donkey/Mule's saddle and chest textures

  • Villagers will now ensure that rain can pass through the block above them before launching Fireworks when celebrating after a raid victory 

  • Axolotls no longer tick their dry out timer when unloaded 

  • Husks can now fit in a two blocks high space and baby Husks in a one-high space

  • All mobs are now able to path through Wither Roses 


  • Crimson and Warped block sets now have a unique set of sounds

  • Campfires do not set players and mobs on fire anymore, but still inflict damage 

  • Campfires do not destroy Minecarts and Boats anymore 

  • Bamboo plant placement now behaves the same way as Java Edition; it will no longer grow by clicking on the side of a Bamboo plant with a Bamboo item in-hand 

  • Bamboo sapling no longer replaces double plants when placed

  • Pumpkins and Melons can now grow on Mycelium and Moss blocks 

  • The Sculk Shrieker block's shriek sound can now be heard at the longer distance of 32 blocks 

  • Respawn Anchor no longer retains its charges if mined with Silk Touch or picked 

  • Beacon effect particles are now transparent 

  • Conduit effect particles are now transparent 

  • Redstone Dust now emits a sound when placed on the ground

  • Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Wooden Trapdoors, Iron Trapdoors and Fence Gates now use the same opening and closing sounds as Java Edition

  • Updated Pressure Plates to have different sound pitches based on their behaviour to match Java Edition

  • Added a unique click sound for Wooden Buttons to match Java Edition

  • Changed Frogspawn map color to match Java Edition 

  • Change Bed block map colors to match Java Edition

  • Changed various blocks’ Map colors to appear correctly match Java Edition

There are also over a hundred fixes that improve stability, performance and also address various bugs in the game. To check out all of the bug fixes, you can view the Minecraft  1.19.60 update changelog here.

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