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LoL Patch 14.5 Preview: Jarvan IV Nerfed; Bel'Veth & AD Twisted Fate Nerfed

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games previewed the next League of Legends patch that is going to be rolled out soon.
Here's all you need to know about the changes in LoL Patch 14.4.

League of Legends Season 2024 has been up and running for quite a few weeks now. We are already gearing up for the fifth patch of the season: LoL Patch 14.5.

As usual, unveiling the patch preview was Lead Designer: League Balance Team & Preseason Matt Leung-Harrison aka Riot Phroxzon. In his usual lengthy tweet, he talked about item changes and champion buffs and nerfs lined up for LoL Patch 14.5. He revealed that the developer team had to pull Runaan's Hurricane and Galio off the patch list due to some unforeseen issues.

Here's everything you need to know about LoL Patch 14.5.

All Buffs, Nerfs & Adjustments in LoL Patch 14.5

Phroxzon, talking about the item changes in LoL Patch 14.5, mentioned the following points:

Riot Games is bringing some items up to viability and includes Sunfire, Heartsteel, Dream maker and Celestial. However, Riot is still undecided on Navori Quickblades. He said, "We're also throwing in some minor changes to Lich bane, rocketbelt and Stormsurge to balance these sub ecosystems. Sleigh was over buffed and FH [Frozen Heart] is a little too cheap for how strong it is right now."

All Buffs in Patch 14.5: Champions & Items

  • Jarvan IV

  • Kayn (Actually just Rhaast)

  • Kogels the Maw (Kog'maw)

  • Rek'Sai

  • Sivir

  • Veigar

  • Vex

  • Wukong

  • Dream Maker (the supp item that's a plushie)

  • Heartsteel (the item, not the band)

  • Navori Quickblades

  • Celestial Opposition

  • Sunfire Cape

Nerfs in LoL Patch 14.5

  • Bel'veth

  • Brand

  • Evelynn

  • Maokai (Support, Jungle will be compensated)

  • Nidalee

  • Senna

  • Attack Damage (AD) Twisted Fate

  • Vayne

  • Zac

  • Frozen heart

  • Solstice Sleigh

The three champions who are getting adjusted are Seraphine, Smolder and Yorick. For Serpahine, Riot Games will try to correct how powerful her bot is which has been exacerbated with the 14.2 changes.

Addressing Smolder, Phroxzon said, "Smolder has been really popular and about balanced. We're not looking to reshape him significantly, but reduce how effective his tankier builds are, make his E matter more and increasing the sweet spot and heal on the ultimate so they matter."

Yorick, on the other hand, seemingly gained a bit too much from his previous changes. As a result, Riot is looking to bring him down a bit while reducing how effective AOE vs single target damage is against Maiden.

When does LoL Patch 14.5 Release?

LoL Patch 14.5 is expected to go live on 6th February, according to Riot Game’s official patch schedule.

  • Oceania: 10 am AEST

  • North America: 3 am PT

  • Europe West: 5 am GMT 

  • Europe Nordic and East: 3 am CET

  • South Korea: 8 am KR 

The game will also be down for a while for maintenance before the patching begins.

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