LoL Nexus Blitz 2023 Release Date: October 2023 Run Time

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Nexus Blitz is a limited time mode in League of Legends that was released in 2018. </p></div>
Nexus Blitz is a limited time mode in League of Legends that was released in 2018.


Nexus Blitz is a limited time mode in League of Legends that was first released in 2018.
Here's all we know about the return of Nexus Blitz and its run time in 2023.

After the success of the 2v2v2v2 or the Arena mode in League of Legends, fans were eager to play more fun game modes. Keeping this mind, Riot Games bore some good news in its 28th August Dev Update. Developers Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee and Andrei “Meddler” van announced announced the return of the popular 5v5 limited-time game mode called Nexus Blitz.

After a wait of three years, players are able to enjoy the game mode for a limited time in 2023. In August, Riot Games had not given a set date for the release of this returning game mode. However, things became more clear in September.

On 12th October, Riot Games tweeted, "It’s back 😏 Nexus Blitz returns to the League client Oct 24 at 2PM CT"

However, on 24th October, League of Legends players were baffled to find Nexus Blitz missing and were curious about the actual Nexus Blitz 2023 Release Date.

Here's all we know about the game mode's release and its run time in 2023.

Nexus Blitz 2023 Release Date & Run Time

Following the confusing about the release date of Nexus Blitz, Riot Games later clarified and said, "HOLD ON! We meant to say that Nexus Blitz returns on Oct 25 at 2PM PT. See you then!"

On cue, the game mode returned to the League of Legends client on 25th October with the latest patch: LoL Patch 13.21.

The answer to 'What is Nexus Blitz 2023 release date?' is simple. It is 25th October.

Riot Games wrote in the patch notes, "Nexus Blitz is finally back! The last time Nexus Blitz launched was back in patch 11.11. Since then, there’s been a slew of sweeping changes to League’s gameplay, as well as some under-the-hood tech changes that needed to be made to bring the mode back. We’ve been working behind the scenes to bring this fan favorite back, so we hope you enjoy it!"

If you are wondering how long the game mode will be live for, you should note that the Riot Games developers said it will be live in the client for almost a month.

Nexus Blitz will close its doors worldwide on 27th November 2023 at 11:59 pm PT.

Nexus Blitz was an experimental mode that initially ran on the client from 31st July to 11th September 2018. After this, it was brought back to the public beta environment (PBE) server on 23rd June 2020. Finally, it was released onto the live servers in July 2020.

The Nexus Blitz game mode features a Draft Pick style champion select and players can choose between Bottom, Jungle, or Fill roles. Players are allowed to ban a champion each.

As you enter champion select, the first event for the mode is revealed. Additionally, all champions gain the following:

  • Summoner spell haste.

  • Bonus mana regeneration per 5 seconds.

  • Experience over time.

  • Bonus magic resistance.

Notably, in this game mode, Recall's channel time is reduced and empowered recall cooldowns are further reduced. Teleport is disabled but homeguard is enabled from the start of the match.

There are different events for this game mode and the jungle, and its monsters are also slightly different.

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