Lego Fortnite’s Rift Encounters Explained: Everything is Awesome and Other Events


Lego Fortnite’s Rift Encounters Explained: Everything is Awesome and Other Events

Surya Kumar
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Similar to the battle royale mode, Lego Fortnite has also seen the addition of Rift encounters which adds to the game’s lore.
These Rift events do not have an exact location due to Lego Fortnite’s procedurally generated map.
“Everything is Awesome” seems to be the most common Rift encounter for most players.

With the introduction of Chapter 5 Season One, players were introduced to a new game mode that combined the blocky world of Lego with Fortnite’s gameplay elements. This survival-crafting experience offers players the opportunity to build their own settlements and explore unknown procedurally generated biomes where an encounter could happen.

Similar to the game’s battle royale mode, players might also stumble upon Rifts which can occur anywhere on the map when it is triggered. These are spontaneous events that occur at random and they can be spotted through a rather distinctive sound. Here’s everything you need to know about Rift encounters in Lego Fortnite.

Rift Encounters in Lego Fortnite

As mentioned above, it is not possible to determine the exact location of a Rift encounter as they spawn at random coordinates across Lego Fortnite’s varied biomes. This means experiencing a Rift event requires you to explore the game’s different biomes. From dense grasslands, sandy dunes, and snowy mountains, Lego Fortnite offers diverse environments.

Apart from adding to the game’s lore, these encounters might also drop valuable loot and resources that will help you improve your settlement. Oftentimes, these events will also introduce you to new characters; some might be friendly while others will be hostile and try to kill you, so keep your guard up and approach with caution.

How Many Rift Encounters Are Present in Lego Fortnite?

At the time of writing, most players seem to experience the Floating Rainbow Island encounter the most, which as the name suggests, can be found up in the sky and be spotted by a colorful rainbow on top of a large cloud. Try to reach the location as soon as possible, as it seems to disappear after a certain time. Reaching its surface can either be done by using stairs, Balloons, or even by using a Grappler.


Once you reach the top, you will find numerous Lego characters adorned in rainbow colors and dancing around. It is essentially a price-themed Lego set called “Everything is Awesome”. While other encounters are pretty straightforward, this encounter requires you to perform an emote in response to their dancing, and upon performing this, you will receive numerous in-game rewards. This loot varies from one player to another but you can certainly expect items like weapons, tools, and several resources to support your endeavors.

Although this is currently the most common Rift encounter in Lego Fortnite, we can expect to see other events such as:

  • Supply Drops

  • Hostile Skeleton camps that reward you with a chest

  • Scoundrel camps that grant you a chest

  • The classic Loot Llama that will grant you unique loot.

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