Zeri, the Spark of Zaun


League of Legends' Zaunite AD Carry Zeri: What We Know So Far

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, will be the newest addition to Season 2022 of League of Legends and is a hyper attack-damage carry (ADC)
Zeri's champion profile and bio showed up unexpectedly on Riot Games' official website, but soon deleted
Zeri was initially teased by Riot Games through their Champion Roadmap for 2022

Riot Games revealed the first new champion for Season 2022 of League of Legends, a hyper attack-damage carry (ADC) named Zeri, the Spark of Zaun. Unlike a regular Riot Games’ reveal, Zeri unexpectedly showed up on the champions page on the official website. However, Riot Games was swift in deleting the electric-themed champion’s biography, lore and splash art. Despite her short-spanned appearance, Zeri’s abilities continue to remain concealed. Here’s everything that we know about Zaun’s latest spark.

Zeri and Her Zappy Electric Power

From the lore that briefly surfaced on the website, it became evident that Zeri hails from the large undercity of Zaun and the boy who shattered time, Ekko, is a champion related to her.

A blurb on the official website reportedly read, “A headstrong, spirited young woman from Zaun’s working-class, Zeri channels her electric magic to charge herself and her custom-crafted gun. Her volatile power mirrors her emotions, its sparks reflecting her lightning-fast approach to life. Deeply compassionate toward others, Zeri carries the love of her family and her home into every fight. Though her eagerness to help can sometimes backfire, Zeri believes one truth to be certain: stand up for your community, and it will stand up with you.”

Zeri: 158th Champion in League of Legends and Her Initial Tease

The electric-magic themed ADC will be the newest addition to League of Legends, taking the tally of champions to a staggering number of 158 champions. Zeri, when released, will be the 30th marksman to battle it out on the rift. The idea of Zeri was first teased by Riot Games in the Champion Roadmap, which said the champion would bring a shooter game feeling to the roster.

The Roadmap also stated that they have re-explored the concept and role of the basic attack of a marksman through Zeri and have moved away from the altered auto attacks of champions like Graves, Jhin and Xayah.

We’ll have an electrifying start to 2022 with a brand new bot lane marksman who has been charging up and is rearing to finally get on the Rift. We wanted to create a kinetic marksman who’s always on the move, pulsing with sparky determination. A champ who plays the game at a machine-gun pace and brings the feeling of a shooter game to the roster. We also really wanted to explore more unique basic attack concepts in League.”
Riot Games

With their promise of delivering new champions for each role every year, Riot Games is well on its track to introducing players to new champions including a support champion a few patches into Season 2022. Until then, Zeri will continue to zap our attention.

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