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League of Legends Smolder: All We Know About This New Champion

Smolder Is a Big Deal!!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games released its next League of Legends champion and it is a cute little treat to the player base.
Smolder was initially teased during the October 2023 Roadmap where Riot described the champion as “smoldering with power.”
Here's all we know about Smolder so far.

On 4th December, the League of Legends fan base and players were treated to a surprise by Riot Games. Those who were on social media were greeted by a video posted by the publisher and it soon became clear that it was the teaser for a new champion.

After a long time, players received news about an incoming champion from Riot and not through leaks online, and this was a refreshing change.

The teaser trailer showcased League of Legends' next champion Smolder, who happens to be a cute dragon who is extremely eager to become the greatest dragon in the history of Runeterra. Here's all we know about Smolder in League of Legends.

Who Is Smolder In League of Legends?

Riot Games has decided to go all out to celebrate the Year of the Dragon as it is literally releasing a dragon to Summoner's Rift called Smolder.

In fact, the teaser trailer is narrated by Smolder himself who talks about the history of dragons in Runeterra. This new champion's design is very apt for a dragon and its horns changes from yellow to blue from time to time.

According to Smolder, dragon fire can be "anything." He adds, "Dragon fire can be anything. Anything that burns. Even the great kings and queens of Camavor knew to treat dragons like royalty." The animation in the trailer then cuts to a King and Queen asking the dragon that saved them to take all the gifts and rewards.

Then Smolder says, "One day, the fiercest, bestest dragon of all will be ME! Smolder!" Right after this, we are introduced to the cutest dragon ever as he reassures his mother that he's fine. Smolder receives a pat on the head with his mother's tail as he says he did not mean to set the story scroll ablaze.

The League of Legends playerbase was intrigued by the mention of Camavor, the eastern region of Runeterra. If this happens to be Smolder's origin, then we are in for a rich lore about the region and the champions associated with it.

Smolder Role in League of Legends & Potential Release Date

Firstly, we were introduced to the concept of Smolder back in October 2023. In a video titled "Champs, Lore & More | Dev Update," Product Lead for Champions Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao said, "After Hwei paints a masterpiece on the Rift, we will be turning to a new creature champion. Though, this one's a bit cuter than Naafiri."

Lexical said the new creature, despite being cute and small, is "smoldering" with power, adding that he will soon be setting foot onto the Rift with all the pomp and circumstance that "befit a royal of his status."

Though Riot Games did not outright mention the role that Smolder would take on, the community is convinced that he's an attack damage carry (ADC) champion. However, until Riot Games confirms this, we will not know for sure.

Additionally, players can expect the champion to hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) servers in the coming weeks. It is also speculated that Smolder's release could very well align with the Chinese New Year on 10th February or sometime around the same dates.

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