League of Legends Season 2023 kicked off on 11th January and all ranks were reset.


League of Legends Season 2023: Ranked Split 1 Rewards, Timeline & More

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League of Legends Season 13 ranked kicked off on 11th January and all ranks were reset.
Here's all you need to know about how to earn split points, rewards, and more.

There’s a whole lot of new stuff to uncover in League of Legends Season 2023 as Riot Games has introduced a new two-split system for Ranked, keeping in vogue with other games including its other title Teamfight Tactics. With the ranked season split into two parts, players have the opportunity to track their progress better and shall also earn more rewards. Notably, Split 1 of League of Legends Season 2023 ranked kicked off on 11th January for most regions. This split will last till summer and the second split will commence post-summer, revealed Riot Games.

Here’s all you need to know about Ranked Split 1 of League of Legends Season 2023 and the rewards you can get.

Ranked Split 1: How will your rank reset mid-year?

The two Ranked splits in League of Legends Season 2023 will have a ranked reset in between and players will be given rewards to match. This is an effort to bring League of Legends up to modern-day expectations and to address pain points around the stress of avoiding decay or demotion in the middle of the year.

When Split 2 of the Ranked season starts, the reset will not be as heavy as the one in January, promised the company. It is because the game will not undergo dramatic changes. “The Mid-Year Reset will also be even less significant if a player hasn't played many games since January,” added Riot.

Ranked split 2023 explained

Players will gain split points (SP) by winning during the two splits. With the SP, players can get their hands on in-game rewards including emotes, skin shards, and blue and orange essence, among many others.

League of Legends 2023 Ranked Split 1 Rewards

The Split 1 Rewards for Ranked in League of Legends Season 2023 are as follows:

  • 10 SP: Hextech Chest

  • 40 SP: Hextech Key

  • 80 SP: Random ward skin shard

  • 120 SP: Hextech Key

  • 160 SP: Ranked Emote Split 1

  • 200 SP: Hextech Key

  • 240 SP: K’Sante Champion Permanent

  • 280 SP: Hextech Chest

  • 320 SP: Ranked Summoner Icon Split 1

  • 400 SP: Mystery Emote

  • 480 SP: Hextech Chest

  • 720 SP: 500 Orange Essence

  • 800 SP: Masterwork Chest

How will you get SP in ranked?

On 11th January (10th Jan for some regions), all ranks have been reset and players will have to play Ranked Solo/Duo or Ranked Flex to get placed again. In League of Legends Season 2023 - Ranked Split 1, you earn 10 Split Points for a win and 6 for a loss. 

Apart from the split-wise rewards, starting from 2023, all players, regardless of their ranks, are eligible for the Victorious Skin. There will be two ranked skins to earn this year. While even lower-tier players can get their hands on the ranked skins, it is to be noted that the skin will be locked behind a certain amount of SP.

The Ranked skin for Split 1 is earnable by players of all ranks, but the amount of Split Points required varies by rank: 80 points for Gold and above and 1600 points for Silver and below. In addition, once you earn the skin, it remains earned even if you were to demote. However, the skin will be distributed after the end of Season 2023 - Split 1.

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