League of Legends Ranked Changes in LoL Patch 13.4 Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games is changing LP gains and losses in ranked games in League of Legends.
Starting from LoL Patch 13.4, players will gain and lose more LP in a ranked game.

If you are someone who is highly competitive and likes to spam ranked games in League of Legends, Riot Games has massive changes lined up for the game mode. The game’s developer revealed that the LP (League Points) a player gains and loses is going to change drastically starting from LoL Patch 13.4, which is scheduled to go live on the servers on 23rd February. On 16th February, Riot Games developers Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee and Andrei “Meddler” van Roon detailed all the changes and updates under development in League of Legends in their follow-up developer (dev) blog. However, Meddler later took to Reddit to talk about the ranked changes that were not addressed in the video.

Here’s all you need to know about the ranked changes in LoL Patch 13.4.

Ranked Games LP gain/loss in League of Legends

On a Reddit thread titled “Champions, Lore, Modes & More | /dev diary,” Meddler revealed that they missed out on talking about the ranked changes in League of Legends. He said, “One thing that we missed from the video I figure might also be of interest coming in patch 13.4 is that we'll be increasing LP gains/losses, from an average of 15 to an average of 22.

Currently, the number of hours a player invests in ranked games and the gratification of gaining LP is highly disproportionate and Riot Games is finally addressing this. League of Legends players, on average, gain 15 LP per every win on ranked games, and considering that each game takes up to 30-40 minutes, one has to play and win seven such games (around 4 hours) to rank up. One should bear in mind that this scenario is very optimistic and does not factor in losses, queue times, dodges, remakes, and other elements. 

Meddler continued, “[This change] Should get people to appropriate ranks faster. We're making the change based [on] feedback received and because we'll have two seasons in ranked this year instead of just one like we used to, so doesn't seem appropriate to stick with the same tunings.

On another Reddit thread discussing the LP changes in ranked games, one user commented, “Great, I've been playing lesser and lesser ranked since the LP changes. I don't agree with riot's philosophy of grinding more ranked to get more engagement out of players. With the new ranked rewards and this change, I am glad they are stepping in the right direction.

After criticizing Riot Games for the “lack of communication” all this while, the community has been highly appreciative of the dev diary videos that the company has been posting while keeping them concise and effective. 

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