Players on the PBE client are facing League of Legends error code 0U.


League of Legends error code 0U: How to Fix

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Some players are facing error code 0U while trying to play on PBE servers.
The error causes the PBE client to bug out and display assets incorrectly.
Players can download the Hextech Repair Tool to try and fix the error.

Some League of Legends players are facing error code 0U when using the PBE client to play the game. The error causes the client to not display the home screen, summoner icon, and any of the client tabs correctly. Players have reported a black screen on their PBE clients as a result of this error. Players on the League of Linux subreddit who faced this error reached out to Riot Support which suggested running the Hextech Repair Tool. While this is not an official fix, some players have reported that running the tool solved error code 0U for them.

Players are facing error 0U on the PBE client. 

How to Fix League of Legends Error Code 0U

Players will need to download the Hextech Repair Tool for their League of Legends client through this link. The tool is designed to help players easily resolve any technical issues they may face while playing the game. The Hextech Repair Tool automatically runs a troubleshooting session that can detect corrupted files and help you patch them out.

The Hextech Repair Tool can help you solve most technical issues you may face.

Riot Games / Nam Anh Cap

After downloading the tool, open it and when prompted, select your PBE client file (PBE LolClient.exe), other appropriate options. After this click the “start” button and let the tool run. After the tool runs its course, it is advisable to restart your computer before attempting to run the PBE client again. This should most likely solve the error.

If you’re still facing League of Legends error code 0U, raise a ticket via League of Legends Support detailing your issues and the solutions you tried with the repair tool. To help Riot support better understand the issue, check the ‘Gather System & LoL Logs’ box in the Hextech Repair Tool and attach the .zip folder created by the tool in your ticket.

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