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League of Legends Characters in Arcane and Which Episode They Appear In

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Multiple League of Legends champions have been featured throughout the Arcane animated series.
While Vi and Jinx are the protagonists of the series, we also see supporting characters like Ekko, Singed and Caitlyn transition into the champions they are today in League.
Viktor's character in his origin story is completely different from his persona in in League of Legends since his release.

Riot Games’ Arcane animated series has become a massive hit with the publisher introducing multiple League of Legends champions to the global audience. Whether you are already involved in the lore of Runeterra through one of Riot’s games or are completely new to the TV series, you can’t miss the appearances of some of the most iconic League of Legends characters in Arcane and the episodes they appear in.

While the series focuses around Vi and Jinx, there are plenty of other characters who are central to the story. Here is a full list of League of Legends characters in Arcane and which episode they appear in.

Full List of LoL Characters in Arcane and which episode they appear in

  • Vi

  • Jinx

  • Ekko

  • Singed

  • Caitlyn

  • Ryze

  • Jayce

  • Heimerdinger

  • Viktor

Vi and Jinx – Act 1 Episode 1

Jinx and Vi - League of Legends Arcane

The two protagonists of ‘Arcane’ are seen in the very first scene as we see both sisters walk through the cities of Zaun amidst a fallout between Piltover’s enforcers and Zaun’s protesters. They get adopted by Vander, who becomes a father figure to the children.

Ekko – Act 1 Episode 1

Ekko - League of Legends Arcane

Ekko is one of the most important League of Legends Characters in Arcane as he leads the resistance against Silco’s gang. Young Ekko is seen in the pilot episode of the show and he grows to lead the Firelights group in Act 2.

Singed – Act 1 Episode 1

Singed - League of Legends Arcane

Singed is a scientist who is willing to go to any length for his experiments. He has a connection with Viktor, and will be responsible for creating the Hextech-infused Viktor we know from League of Legends in Act 3.

Caitlyn – Act 1 Episode 2

Caitlyn - League of Legends Arcane

Caitlyn is the love interest of protagonist Vi in the League of Legends universe. We see her younger self introduced in the second episode of the show before her days as a Piltover enforcer.

Jayce – Act 1 Episode 2

Jayce - League of Legends Arcane

Jayce is a member of the supporting cast of Arcane and he heralds change in Piltover as he becomes a councilman in the city.

Ryze – Act 1 Episode 2

Ryze - League of Legends Arcane

While his face was not shown, Ryze is the one who saved Jayce in the past. The mysterious character is not affiliated with Piltover & Zaun, but is connected to the universe of Runeterra as a whole because of his control over arcane energy.

Heimerdinger – Act 1 Episode 2

Heimerdinger - League of Legends Arcane

Heimerdinger is revealed to be over 800 years old in Arcane and he seems to have seen how magic has toppled over entire nations. He is against the use of arcane technology but is opposed by others in the council, forcing him to retire at the end of Act 2.

Viktor - Act 1 Episode 2

Viktor - League of Legends Arcane

Viktor is a citizen of Zaun who made his way to Piltover as a student of the Piltover Academy. He is a cripple with a life-threatening disease and finds arcane technology (Hextech) as his last hope. In League of Legends, Viktor is shown as a villainous character but Arcane has turned him into more of an antihero.

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