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League of Legends Asian Games 2022: How To Unlock Exclusive Summoner Icon & Emote

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The 19th Asian Games 2022 is the first occasion where esports was an official medal event.
League of Legends was one of the seven medal events at the Asian Games 2022.
To commemorate this feat, Riot Games has made available exclusive Asian Games 2022 Hangzhou Summoner Icon and Emote for players to get.

The 19th Asian Games is the first occasion where esports was an official medal event. The Asian Games 2022, originally scheduled in Hangzhou, China between 10th September and 25th September 2022, was postponed to 2023 due the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in China. The Asian Games 2022 featured seven medal events and two demonstration events. Notably, Riot Games’ flagship esports title League of Legends (LoL) was one of the most-anticipated medal events. 

A total of fifteen national teams participated in the League of Legends Asian Games 2022 tournament which was held between 25th and 29th September. However, it was the national team of South Korea that won the gold medal at the event.

Honoring this historic moment for the esports title, Riot Games has added exclusive Asian Games 2022 Hangzhou Summoner Icon and Emote for players to get.

Here's all we know about the Asian Games 2022 Hangzhou in-game exclusives.

Asian Games 2022 Hangzhou Exclusive Summoner Icon & Emote

A Summoner icon in League of Legends is a visual representation of a player’s profile and it appears in the in-game lobbies, loading screens, and the profile page. Simply said, these icons work like profile photos for your League of Legends account. They also appear next to other players’ names on the friend list and chat rooms. Interestingly, Riot Games keeps adding more and more Summoner icons to the game and the list keeps expanding every season.

The icons usually denote champions, particular skins, and themes and are also released as part of special in-game events and designs, and also include a bunch of random things.

Likewise, emotes in League of Legends are expressive caricature-y images of champions and other League-related things used as cosmetic flares while inside the game. The emotes typically present images of different champions, and little legends, portraying different expressions. Players can access the radial for the emotes by using the default hotkey T.

To commemorate the historic addition of League of Legends esports into the Asian Games 2022 as a medal event, Riot Games has added two exclusives. They are as follows:

  1. Hangzhou 2022 Icon

  2. Hangzhou 2022 Emote

Both these exclusives feature the infamous poro holding a gold medal, signifying the Games.

Riot Games described the exclusives, "Celebrating League of Legends' participation in the 19th Asian Games, a continental multi-sport event held in Hangzhou."

Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Icon & Emote

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Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Icon & Emote: Price & Availability

Both the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games emote and summoner icon are currently available on the League of Legends store under the Accessories tab. They are available at a very cheap price of just 1 Blue Essence.

You will notice a red timer badge on the icon and the emote on the store, denoting that it is limited-time and will soon be pulled out of the store.

Once you have purchased them, you can find them in your 'Collection' and can be equipped in your emote wheel or as your Summoner Icon.

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