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LCK Spring Split 2024: Teams, Schedules, Standings & More

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The Korean region is kicking off its 2024 season starting with the LCK Spring Split 2024.
Here's all you need to know about it.

The LCK Spring 2024 season marks the return of the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), the most successful region in the realm of League of Legends esports (LoL Esports). The LCK made significant changes to its format last year when it announced that every split's playoffs will follow a double-elimination format. It also allowed the teams to integrate their rosters with their Challengers League (CL) teams. Having said all that, the first split of 2024, the LCK Spring Split 2024, is all set to kick off on 17th January and the region announced its full schedule.

Here’s all you need to know about the LCK Spring Split 2024.

A guide to 2024 LCK Spring Split

The LCK is back with yet another Worlds title and trophy, thanks to T1 which won Worlds 2023 on home soil. Now, the LCK has a staggering total of eight titles. The LCK Spring Split 2024 will feature ten teams competing in a round-robin group stage. The format is as follows:

  • Ten teams participate.

  • Double round-robin setup.

  • Matches are best-of-three (BO3).

  • The top six teams qualify for LCK Spring Playoffs.

  • The top two teams receive a bye to Round 2 of the Playoffs.

Playoffs format explainer:

  • Double elimination bracket starting from Round 2

  • The first and second seeds receive a bye to Round 2

  • Third to sixth seeds start in Round 1, with the losers being eliminated

  • All matches are best-of-five (BO5)

  • The top two teams qualify for the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

LCK Spring Split: Teams and standings

The ten teams participating in the LCK Spring Split 2024 are as follows:

LCK Spring Split Schedule

The Spring season of the LCK kicks off on 17th January and features two exciting matches featuring the top teams of the league. The times mentioned in the table are in CET and are subject to change.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Every split of the season will be as crucial this year as Riot Games announced some changes to the LoL Esports ecosystem. While in 2023 Riot Games made several changes to the formats of the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) and Worlds, it noted that it wants to continue increasing the stakes around the international tournaments. Another change this year is the integration of MSI and Worlds. LCK is one of the four major regions in the world with three base slots for Worlds 2024. This will increase to four if the LCK lifts the MSI trophy.

Where to watch the LCK Spring Split?

Fans can watch the LCK Spring Split 2024 live on the official LCK channel on Twitch once the league kicks off on 17th January 2024. You can also check out the games as video on demand (VODs) on the LoL Esports VODs and Highlights channel.

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