Kings of Rooftops Quest in Streets of Tarkov Guide

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The Kings of Rooftops Quest is given by Prapor in Escape from Tarkov.
The quest is fairly straightforward but a bit harder to complete.
Here's all you need to know to finish this quest.

The Kings of the Rooftops Quest in Escape from Tarkov is given by trader Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko, known by his alias “Prapor.” This is an elimination type quest that happens on the new Streets of Tarkov location. Battlestate Games introduced the player base to this new location as part of the 0.13 update that went live on 28th December. The Streets of Tarkov is the ninth location added to the game and it houses banks, malls, hotels, and all the other major amenities. It has multiple vantage points that offer lines of sight into open areas allowing for long-range engagements and it also has over ten exfiltration (exfil) or extraction (extract) locations. 

Although very straightforward and simple to understand, the Kings of the Rooftops Quest is an extremely hard one to complete. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Kings of Rooftops Quest Explained

Prapor tells you, “Oh, howdy. Help an old soldier out, will you? Those damn snipers are shooting my couriers like rabbits in an open field. Sitting on the rooftops and blasting non-stop. Take them out and I’ll make it worth your while.

The quest objectives are:

  • Eliminate 10 snipers on the rooftops on Streets of Tarkov

  • Survive and extract from the location

Note that you must be level 22 to start this quest.

The Kings of Rooftops Quest instructs players to eliminate sniper Scavs on the new map of Streets of Tarkov. It is similar to the quests given on Customs, Shoreline, and other locations. Some players believe that the sniper Scavs spawn on all buildings that have railings on top of them.

However, you can check the following locations that can have a sure spawn:

  • Lexos Building

  • Primoskij 49

  • Big Cinema

The following map has the above-mentioned locations marked on it for your convenience:

Sniper Scavs locations on Streets of Tarkov

The rewards for completing the Kings of Rooftops quest are as follows:

  • 14000 XP

  • +0.02 reputation with Prapor

  • ~75000 roubles

  • Unlocks the purchase of Valday PS-320 1/6x scope

Some of the other Streets of Tarkov quests include:

Revision quest: Given by Peacekeeper where you need to locate and mark three Strykers with an MS2000 Marker.

Ballet Lover Quest: This quest is given by Ragman and you are required to locate the balletmeister's apartment on the Streets of Tarkov.

Glory to CPSU Quest: This task is given by Prapor and you are required to locate the apartment of Prapor's friend on Streets of Tarkov and survive and extract from the location.

You've Got Mail quest: This quest by Prapor needs the players to obtain a registered mail on the Streets of Tarkov and hand over the letter.

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