Here is all you need to know about the differences in streaming guidelines for Kick vs. Twitch.


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Kick vs. Twitch: Differences in Guidelines

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Kick is a new streaming platform looking to rival the long-standing Twitch.
Here is all you need to know about the differences in streaming guidelines for Kick vs. Twitch.

The new streaming platform Kick is looking to rival the well-established Twitch since its launch at the end of 2022. Kick already has the backing of former Twitch streamer Tyler Faraz “Trainwrecks” Niknam and is attracting other popular streamers like the controversial Aiden Ross and Destiny. Kick promises to be a creator-friendly platform and has lax rules and regulations compared to Twitch. Let’s look at the differences in streaming guidelines and Terms of Services (ToS) between the two platforms Kick vs. Twitch. 

Kick vs. Twitch: Streaming Guidelines

There are some differences between Twitch and Kick in terms of guidelines in terms of gambling and other restrictions. 


Twitch has strict rules against streamers sharing links or codes for gambling sites where you can play slots, dice games and roulette. Streamers can also not broadcast gambling sites that are not licensed in the U.S. or in other jurisdictions. However, streamers can still broadcast online poker, fantasy sports and sports betting. Popular creators like Asmongold have been vocal against Twitch allowing any forms of gambling on the website.

In mid-October last year, new gambling guidelines went into effect on Twitch which banned players from posting links to corresponding gambling sites, discount codes or promotion links. 

Kick has a similar policy in terms of gambling with other users on Kick. According to their Community Guidelines this “includes any form of “buy in” from users using Kicks as well as sweepstakes and lotteries.” However, streamers can broadcast a larger variety of online gambling games (eg: Online Poker, Online Blackjack) depending on the laws and regulations of the country they are located. 

Kick may further loosen its regulations for gambling since crypto-gambling website’s co-founder is an investor in the new platform, as confirmed by Trainwreck to The Washington Post. is currently a banned gambling site on Twitch.  

Other restrictions on content

Both Kick and Twitch have pretty standard restrictions on the type of content you can broadcast, mentioned in their Community Guidelines and Terms of Service (TOS). Kick prohibits activities that are harmful, deceptive, offensive, or illegal or promote harm, deception, offense or illegal conduct. It also prohibits the use of hate speech and sexually explicit content. Both platforms also have rules against sexually explicit content.

Both Kick and Twitch also have rules against harassment, hate speech, copyrighted material and defamation. 

Creators like Trainwreck (who is currently in an advisory role for Kick)  want to make sure there are “no ambiguous bans” on the new platform. He was also public about the topic of gambling and created specific rules around the much debated topic of “ethical gambling”. 

However, creators are already pushing the limits of the platform’s ToS. Creators Aiden Ross and Trainwreck streamed the Super Bowl on Kick without a license. Aiden Ross got permanently banned from Twitch for streaming porn but has not yet received a similar penalty when he pulled up PornHub while on Kick.


Twitch has rules instated for how streamers can advertise products and services on their broadcasts, clearly demarcated ads. Kick, still in its beta, does not have any stated guidelines about advertising on their platform.

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