Here is all we know about the Kick Creator Program.


Kick Creator Program: All We Know

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The Kick Creator Program promises streamers hourly pay as well as different payout measures.
Here is all we know about the Kick Creator Program.

Kick, the upcoming crypto-backed streaming platform, is making waves with the creators it is attracting from Twitch. According to streamer and advisor Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, the ‘creator-friendly’ revenue split is just the tip of the iceberg. The Kick Creator Program announced by Niknam offers all streamers, big or small, an hourly wage. Here is all you need to know about the Kick Creator Program

Kick Creator Program

Trainwreck talked about’s plans to launch a creator program in a twitlonger earlier in January this year. 

The Creator Program will pay streamers hourly, whether they have "1 viewer or 100,000," pay based on hours spent streaming. Trainwreck also said the platform would have an ad program that is competitive with Twitch and Youtube as well as a subscriber button. In the Twitlonger, he detailed all the proposed avenues for streamers to earn money from saying, “you’ll get paid for ads when they’re available, you’ll get paid 95% of your subscriber revenue, 100% of on-site non-third-party donations, and you’ll get the Creator Program.” 

Trainwreck went into detail about the “formula” which will be used to pay each streamer, mentioning it would take into account the following:

  • The number of hours you stream.

  • A flat rate based on Kick’s advertising CPMs (budgeted by us until ads take over).

  • The average viewers you have.

  • Viewer demographics and engagement.

Trainwrecks also talked about the verification process for saying the Creator Program “will have a manual approval application process” to weed out fake accounts. Streamers would also have the option of choosing their payouts in crypto or payment processing platform Stripe. However, there is a catch, streamers who chose crypto for payouts will receive same day payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum but will have to wait for a set date to cash out using Stripe. 

Kick’s Crypto connection

Kick’s proclivity towards crypto and the platform’s mysterious ownership has been subject to much speculation. In a message to Washington Post, Trainwrecks talked about the investors in Kick. Eddie Craven, owner of, a crypto gambling site used by the streamer on the platform is an investor. Kick also confirmed Craven’s involvement in the website to the Post, stating that Craven “is involved in Kick,” but is not an investor. Craven’s involvement, the loose regulations pertaining to gambling and crypto connection have raised red flags for some. Streamer Amouranth said in an interview to Essentially Sports, “I would give it a try for a certain amount of money”, however the streamer would “not go exclusive” because “at least right now, the reputation is risky”. 

The attractive 95-5 revenue split will certainly attract many creators but how much of a dent Kick makes in Twitch’s creator numbers remains to be seen.

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