Iso Agent Gear Valorant: Skins, Items, Prices, More

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Iso Agent Gear Valorant: Skins, Items, Prices, More


Iso is the latest Valorant Agent that will be released in the game along with Episode 7 Act 3.
The community has labeled skins and items that released along with Iso's Agent Gear as the best till date.
Here are complete details about Iso Agent Gear in Valorant.

The latest Agent to join the ever-growing Valorant roster is Iso, an adept assassin who is a lone wolf and hails from China, out on a mission to take care of Omen, according to the launch trailer.

With an array of unique skills at his disposal, especially the Gulag-style ultimate which forces an enemy player to take on Iso in a 1v1 duel to death using just weapons. This character has made quite the impression on players and the fact that it depends on raw weapon skills to truly shine on the battlefield is quite magnificent.

Iso has launched with his own Agent Gear which is packed with unique skins and items that players can purchase after unlocking the character.

Iso Agent Gear Valorant: Complete Details

The skins and items that are a part of Iso's Agent Gear are themed around him and his personality, sharing a similar colour scheme, and adding to his overall character.

Here are complete details about the available cosmetics and their respective prices.

  • Tier 1: Spray - Don't Ask | 2000 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 2: Card - Valorant Iso | 2500 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 3: Title - Tuned In | 3000 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 4: Spray - In The Zone | 3500 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 5: 2000 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 6: Gun Buddy - Peripherals | 4500 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 7: Spray - Callsign | 5500 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 8: Title - Fixer | 6500 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 9: Card - The Hourglass Turns | 7500 Kingdom Credits

  • Tier 10: Gun Skin - Mythmaker | 8000 Kingdom Credits

Iso Agent Gear: Skins and Items

These skins and items for Iso can be obtained by simply purchasing them using Kingdom Credits, which is the free in-game currency that cannot be purchased and needs to be earned by grinding Valorant and accomplishing daily missions.

A prerequisite is that all players who want to purchase these cosmetics need to have Iso unlocked. Also, Tier 5 is considered as a bonus where players receive 2000 Kingdom Credits without any requirement of purchasing an item or skin.

The community is going completely nuts over the Sheriff skin for Iso called Mythmaker, comparing it to some of the top weapon skinlines that already exist in the game while also calling it the perfect 1v1 weapon to flaunt during his ultimate.

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