Is There a Cristiano Ronaldo Skin in Fortnite?


Is There a Cristiano Ronaldo Skin in Fortnite?

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the most highly anticipated Fortnite outfits expected by Fortnite and football fans alike.
At the time of writing, there has been no official announcement regarding a Ronaldo X Fortnite crossover, but there is another method to play as the legendary footballer in the game.

The immersive world of Fortnite allows you to pick and choose various Outfits or skins present in its humongous catalog. While the game has included numerous well-known athletes as outfits, many football fans are expecting the devs to include Cristiano Ronaldo, who is arguably one of the best players of all time. Although he missed a spot in the recent Fortnite Survey, he has been expected to be featured in the battle royale for quite a while now. That being said, players are wondering if there is any way to play the game with the avatar of the Portuguese legend. Let’s jump right in and take a look!

Can You Play as Cristiano Ronaldo in Fortnite?

At the time of writing, there is no official way to equip a Cristiano Ronaldo outfit and jump into a game of Fortnite. Epic Games has not made any announcement regarding the arrival of this specific skin but it will certainly excite the millions of fans that the football superstar has garnered over the years.

That being said, it is still possible to adorn Ronaldo’s outfit, provided you know your way around modding Fortnite. This is exactly what YouTuber Trimix has done, building from basic character models and creating a similar-looking Ronaldo avatar. Although creating one as advanced as Trimix requires some serious skills, you can still find numerous models of the footballer online and use it as a base for your creation.

Furthermore, the YouTuber also created a Lionel Messi outfit and collaborated with popular creator IShowSpeed to showcase the complete version of the aforementioned skins. Although this sounds enticing, you need to remember that you need to abide by Epic’s user guidelines and make sure you do not violate any of their policies before you attempt to implement a mod.

You need to remember that using such mods in a competitive battle royale might even result in a permanent ban which means you would no longer have access to your Fortnite account along with any other cosmetic items tied to it. 

Overall, it is not impossible to see a Cristiano Ronaldo X Fortnite collab in the future, considering that there have been crossovers featuring footballer Neymar Jr, and several other athletes from various sports.

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