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Is Overwatch 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Abhimannu Das
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Overwatch 2 might not be coming to the Nintendo Switch at launch according to recent leaks.
A leaked store page for Overwatch 2 listed only PC, Xbox and PlayStation as the game's platforms with no mention of the Nintendo Switch.
Overwatch 2 is receiving a slight bump in system requirements and the Nintendo Switch may no longer be able to handle the game.

Overwatch 2 might not be coming to the Nintendo Switch at launch according to a leaked listing on Blizzard’s website. The game is yet to receive a release date and it is unknown when it will be up for pre-orders. Blizzard’s Overwatch port on the Nintendo Switch was met with some criticism and with the new game being remade on a new engine, it might take time for the development of a fresh Switch port.

Overwatch 2 Nintendo Switch Release Date

Overwatch was released on 24th May 2016 and the Nintendo Switch port did not release until 15th October 2019. Blizzard is yet to announce a Nintendo Switch version and a leak suggests that players might not be able to play Overwatch on their favorite handheld console, at least not at launch. A leak surfaced back in February 2022 that showcased the new Battle.net user interface as well as a listing for Overwatch 2. The listing had icons for Battle.net, PlayStation and Xbox but the Nintendo Switch icon was surprisingly missing.

Our best guess is that a Nintendo Switch port might not be available at launch. The Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017 and Overwatch was ported to the handheld console two years later. With Overwatch 2 being developed on a brand-new engine, it is possible that a Nintendo Switch release might take time.

It is also possible that the Nintendo Switch might not be able to handle Overwatch 2. The first game was ported well but it suffered from performance issues. The sequel has the same CPU requirements as the original but you can no longer get away with running the game on an integrated GPU on PC. With minimum requirements for the game increasing, it is unknown how the Switch will handle the game.

It is also possible that Blizzard omitted the Nintendo Switch logo by accident and it may be added to the official Overwatch 2 listing once it goes live on the store for pre-orders. Until an official announcement is available from Blizzard entertainment, fans should take all leaks about Overwatch 2’s Nintendo Switch release date with a grain of salt.

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