Icy Feet in Fortnite: What Is It? How To Do It?


Icy Feet in Fortnite: What Is It? How To Do It?

Aditi Joshi
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Winterfest 2023 is underway in Fortnite and is giving players a chance to participate in winter-themed festivities and objectives to gain rewards.
One of them is the famous Icy Feet challenge, where players will have to travel 50 m continuously to complete the quest.
The Icy Feet mechanism can be triggered by coming in contact with certain weapons and items in Fortnite.

The spirit of Winterfest 2023 is alive and thriving in Fortnite. There is a lot in store for players looking to indulge in the spirit of the holiday season. Fortnite players got ready to bag exciting winter-themed weapons and outfits, along with free daily presents. But, to unlock some of these rewards, they are required to complete a few objectives throughout the Winterfest 2023 in-game.

These objectives are finely themed to match the winter festivities like throwing snowballs at others, delivering Christmas presents, or fighting off Krampus. One among these winter-themed objectives is the famous 'Icy Feet' challenge in Fortnite.

What is Icy Feet in Fortnite?

One of the winter objectives in Fortnite involves making use of Icy Feet, a gaming mechanic, to travel a certain distance. Once you accomplish this, you'll be eligible for rewards. Having Icy Feet entails having impaired control along with greater speeds and momentum.

Players can activate the Icy Feet mechanic by coming in contact with certain objects. This creates large blocks of ice on the player's feet, helping them slide across the Fortnite island. Once the effect is applied, the only way to remove it is by getting knocked over or entering water. If you stop sliding while the effect is on, it will gradually wear off.

How to Get Icy Feet in Fortnite

As stated above, there are certain objects that can trigger the Icy Feet mechanism once players come in contact with them. These objects are as follows:

  • Icy Grappler

  • The Big Chill

  • Sneaky Snowmando

  • Icy Feet Pad

  • Snowy Flopper

Icy Grappler

Icy Grappler is a ranged consumable item in Fortnite that grants the players Icy Feet in Fortnite. You can find this device after shooting off other players or looting locations.

The Big Chill

The Big Chill is an explosive weapon that shares its appearance with the Snowball Launcher. It is an exotic version of the said launcher and can be used to get Icy Feet. It deals no damage but can cause an ice effect on those who use it. It is extremely effective when it comes to sliding slopes and covering the Fortnite island quickly.

Sneaky Snowmando

The Sneaky Snowmando is a rare item, that summons in the form of a snowman. Players can hide inside it and use it for a moment. Once it is destroyed, it gives them the icy feet effect.

Icy Feet Pad

Icy Feet Pad is a type of holographic pad that can trigger the icy feet mechanism as soon as players touch it. The effect remains for a temporary period.

Snowy Flopper

Snowy Flopper is a type of fish in Fortnite that can be caught using fishing holes. It can be found in any body of water. Players must catch the fish first. Once they consume this fish, it can grant 40 HP of health as well as give Icy Feet to the player.

Icy Feet Objective in Winterfest 2023

To complete the Icy Feet challenge in Fortnite, all players have to do is travel at least 50 m continuously on Icy Feet. While your regular walking speed will slow down initially, the momentum will gradually increase, helping you cover the distance. The more you keep moving, the more the speed will increase.

In case the quest doesn't seem to work for you, ensure that your slide is initiated by actively pressing the crouch button, as simply sliding on icy feet won't count.

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