How To Verify Phone Number In Valorant?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to verify phone number in Valorant for Premier.</p></div>
Here is how to verify phone number in Valorant for Premier.


The Valorant Premier requirements have gotten players to get out their phones to complete the verification process before their upcoming matches.
Here is how to verify phone number in Valorant for Premier.

Valorant Premier is in full swing with the matches stage currently underway. For enrollment into the tournament, players had to meet certain requirements. Along with having completed their ranked placement matches in any act till date and having a team of 5-7 players, verifying a phone number was necessary. While the enrollment period for this edition of Valorant Premier has closed, you can still do it for future iterations of the tournament. Here is how to verify phone number in Valorant. 

How to verify Phone number in VALORANT?

Participating in Valorant Premier required players to have a verified account. This could be done by entering a phone number and entering the code you receive on the number. This security step is meant to prevent players from entering tournaments with smurfs. You'll only need to go through this process once (if you verify for Clash, then you’re automatically verified for Premier and vice versa), and can only attach one Riot account to your phone number. 

In the Premier tab of the client, in the Verify Now panel on the right, click Verify. Note that you will need to verify before your team’s match begins or else you will be ineligible to queue with your team. If you’ve already registered for Clash in League of Legends previously, you will not need to enter your phone number for your account. Here is how you can verify your phone number in Valorant. 

  • Enter your country code, followed by your area code and phone number. You can find country codes here.

  • Riot Games will send you a text message with a secret code; enter that, and your account will be SMS verified.

If you don’t see the Verify Now button in VALORANT Premier, it means your number is already verified and you can play in Valorant Premier without any hassle. If you’ve un-verified your account at any time, the client will warn you that you will not be able to play in Premier until you do the verification process once again. 

Some errors you may encounter while verifying for Premier

  • If you get a message saying, ‘there was an error sending a team invite’, one of the teammates you’re inviting may not have completed the verification process. Make sure everyone you invite has completed phone verification. 

  • If you’re being told your phone number is invalid, note that some types of phones and carriers aren't eligible for SMS verification. Internet phone numbers like Google Voice, for example, won't work as verification.

  • It can take up to two hours to receive your secret code via SMS. If you don’t receive the code even after two hours, restart the verification process and double check the phone number entered. 

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