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How to Use Replicators in Apex Legends

Abhimannu Das
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Replicators in Apex Legends aim to reduce the random nature of loot in battle royales.
There is a weekly and daily rotation for high-tier attachments and gear.
Weapons are also rotated in and out of Replicators across the seasons.

Apex Legends introduced Crafting as a mechanic in Season 6 and Respawn Entertainment has continually refined the system over the last eight seasons. Players can gain Materials by opening Supply Bins, clearing Wildlife Nests, or by interacting with Harvesters that show up on various points of interest (POIs).

The Harvesters spawn near Replicators that are available from the start of the game. Additional Replicators spawn during the game but they do not spawn with Harvesters around them. Replicators can offer a massive advantage to teams as they allow players to craft healing items, upgrade armor, and obtain weapons or their attachments.

Replicators in Apex Legends: How to use them effectively

Supply Bins grant five Materials to players who open them while Harvesters drop 25 Materials to everyone in the squad. Spider Nests, Prowler Nests, and the Forbidden Zone also offer large amounts of materials split between squadmates as long as they are near each other. These materials can then be used in Apex Legends’ Replicators to craft items.

Each day, two high-tier attachments are put in the Replicator and they temporarily do not spawn as part of the ground loot. The item rotation happens at 10 AM Pacific Time every day. There is a similar weekly rotation as well that rotates two craftable items. Respawn also has a weapon rotation that changes across seasons.

Here is a full list of items that rotate on a daily or weekly basis along with their crafting costs: 

  • Extended Magazines Lv.3 - 35 Crafting Materials

  • 4-8X Variable Sniper Scope - 35 Crafting Materials

  • Battle Stabilizer Lv.3 - 25 Crafting Materials

  • 3X HCOG “Ranger” - 30 Crafting Materials

  • Sniper Stock Lv.3 - 30 Crafting Materials

  • Standard Stock Lv.3 - 30 Crafting Materials

  • Laser Sight Lv.3 - 25 Crafting Materials

  • Purple Hop Ups - 40 Crafting Materials

  • Gold Hop Ups - 45 Crafting Materials

  • 2-4X Variable AOG - 30 Crafting Materials

  • 1X Digital Threat - 40 Crafting Materials

  • 2X HCOG Bruiser - 25 Crafting Materials

  • Helmet Lv.3 - 30 Crafting Materials

  • Knockdown Shield Lv.3 - 30 Crafting Materials

  • Backpack Lv.3 - 75 Crafting Materials

  • Mobile Respawn Beacon - 50 Crafting Materials

The crafting cost of weapons can vary but they usually cost around 30 Crafting Materials to get. You can open the map menu and see which weapons are in rotation at any point. Shield Batteries, Evo Shield Upgrades, and Medkits are high-priority items depending on the loot you have access to. Weapon attachments like the Turbocharger or Skullpiercer Rifling can also be great pickups if you have the materials to grab items.

If you are stuck with a White Evo Shield you should consider upgrading if you land near a Replicator. You get 25 extra shields for just 50 Crafting Materials and the added health pool can make a difference between winning or losing gun fights. You should also be wary of enemies when using Replicators as nearby enemies can spot Replicators that are in use.

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