How to Unlock New Valorant Agent Iso In Episode 7 Act 3: All Methods Explained


How to Unlock New Valorant Agent Iso in Episode 7 Act 3: All Methods Explained

How are you going to obtain him?

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Valorant released a new Duelist agent called Iso along with Episode 7 Act 3.
Along with this, Riot Games also updated its progression system for Valorant recently which has changed how all new agents will be unlocked.
Here are all five ways through which players can unlock Iso and any other new Valorant agent.

A new Duelist agent called Iso has been released by Valorant as part of its latest Episode 7 Act 3. The character from China is equipped with an array of unique abilities that set him up to take enemy players head-on in direct weapon-based combat.

The community is excited to get their hands on Iso but he is locked by default for all players. Even the progression system of the game has undergone significant changes in recent times, introducing a new way to unlock and obtain all newly released agents.

Here are all possible methods through which Valorant players can unlock Iso and start experimenting with him across game modes.

All Methods to Unlock the New Valorant Agent Iso in Episode 7 Act 3

Long story short, the five official and direct methods to obtain Iso or any other future Valorant agent are the ones that have been listed below. We will expand on each one of them in the article, providing a detailed explanation for each.

  1. Complete Agent Recruitment Event

  2. Purchase Agent Using Valorant Points (VP)

  3. Obtain Agent Using Agent Unlock Tokens

  4. Buy Xbox Game Pass Subscription

  5. Purchase Agent Using Kingdom Credits (KC)

Agent Recruitment Event

  • The Agent Recruitment Event is part of the new progression system introduced in Valorant and has successfully replaced the previously used Agent Contracts system.

  • It is quite similar to the previous system, but instead of requiring a manual activation, there will be an automatic activation whenever a new agent is available to be unlocked.

  • All that the players need to do is earn a total of 200,000 XP for the agent to be unlocked, in this case, Iso.

  • Do keep in mind that the agent needs to be unlocked within 29 days, otherwise, this opportunity will be lost and players would have to opt for a different method.

Iso: Agent Recruitment Event

Using Valorant Points (VP)

All those players who are low on patience or might have some extra money lying around can unlock Iso without wasting any time by directly purchasing the Duelist for 1000 VP.

In this way, the players will skip the Agent Recruitment Event by directly purchasing the required 200,000 XP and obtaining the agent permanently.

It might seem silly to obtain a Valorant agent this way when there are free alternatives available. However, for content creators and streamers this is a hassle-free way of getting the agent as fast as possible so that they can get a headstart.

From Agent Unlock Tokens

Players who are new to Valorant can unlock any two agents for absolutely free including the latest arrivals via the 'Free Welcome Contract' which provides them with an Agent Unlock Token at Tier 5 and Tier 10.

So those who want to try him right away can either make an alternate account to get the Agent and practice to their heart's content. Otherwise, they can opt for some other methods.

Xbox Game Pass Subscription

  • This is something that many Valorant players might not be aware of but in case you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, then there are some exclusive benefits that you receive for the game.

  • One of the biggest benefits is that every new agent released in the game is unlocked for the subscriber as soon as they are launched in Valorant. This means that they can start playing with Iso right after the patch goes live.

  • All you need to do is link your Riot Games account to the Xbox Game Pass Account and that is it. However, the downside is that the day this pass expires, the agents will get locked again if the required XP is not collected by the player during the Agent Recruitment Event.

Unlock Iso Using Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Using Kingdom Credits

  • In case you are unable to unlock a new Valorant agent like Deadlock within 29 days of the Recruitment Event, then you will have to unlock the character using the new in-game currency called Kingdom Credits.

  • It would cost a player 10,000 Kingdom Credits to unlock an agent this way. However, make sure you are prepared for the grind because this currency cannot be purchased and players need to grind matches in order to earn it.

  • If you are not a frequent player then this could be your backup option for unlocking Iso.

These are the five proven and official methods through which not only Iso but any new Valorant agents can be unlocked in the game.

It is solely up to the player to decide which way suits them the best, depending on factors like how soon they want to acquire the new agent and whether they are willing to pay for it or not.

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