How to Uncensor Valorant Chat

Abhimannu Das
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Disable Valorant Chat Filter


You can disable the profanity filter in Valorant and have custom filters to hide bad words.
Creating custom filters for bad words also helps Riot Games improve its dictionary of censored words.
Riot Games is cracking down on toxicity and will be monitoring voice activity in addition to chats soon.

In-game toxicity is an issue in gaming and a lot of games tend to have profanity filters enabled. For Valorant such filters restrict words that are deemed inappropriate by Riot Games. But if you want to uncensor Valorant’s chat and set up your own list of filters, you can do so. In patch 4.0.1 which launched earlier this year, Riot Games added the option to have your own list of muted words instead of relying on the profanity filter the game has. Here’s how you can uncensor Valorant’s chat.

Uncensor Valorant chat and set up a custom muted words list

If you want to disable the chat filter, here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch Valorant

  • Head to the Settings Menu

  • Click on Controls > Communication

  • You will get an option to disable the chat filter

Disabling the chat filter will allow you to see all censored words in your game’s chat. If you want to set up your own custom muted words list, you can do so from the in-game settings. The Muted Words List is a new section in the same communication settings menu where you can type words or variations of words that you do not want to see in-game.

By using the Muted Words List, you can block words that you do not want to see while also leaving everything else uncensored.

The muted words also help Riot Games refine its censorship in Valorant. The lists that you and others create make the chat less toxic as Riot Games is using the data collected to improve its own collection of bad words that are banned from chat.

Toxicity is an unfortunate part of gaming and it can be difficult to stay away from it as players find new ways to bypass censorship.

Riot Games recently updated its Privacy Notice and Terms of Service that now states that the game will be able to record your in-game voice communications as part of the developers' efforts to curb toxicity. Riot Games is now looking to test voice evaluation in North America starting this month to censor voice chat and identify instances of toxicity in games and mete out punishment for offenders accordingly.

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