How to Type in All Chat in Valorant


How to Type in All Chat in Valorant

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Players can use all chat in Valorant to talk to all players in the lobby at the same time instead of just teammates.
Players can access the All Chat option by pressing Shift and Enter, and by adding an "/all" before typing messages.
There are other chat commands that can help you access hidden features in chat as well, including emojis.

If you are new to Valorant, it can be difficult to navigate between various chat options. There are quite a few chat commands that can help you take advantage of all the chat features but they are not clearly shown in-game. You can switch between both party chat and all chat with just two buttons and there are codes that can help you send emojis, whispers or even nullify/surrender games. Here is a look at how to type in all chat in Valorant along with a rundown of all chat codes that you can use in-game.

How to type in All Chat in Valorant

If you want to send a message to all chat, you need to hit SHIFT + Enter and type /all before typing anything you want to send. There are codes available for team chat, party chat, emojis, nullifies, and surrendering as well.

Here are all of the chat commands that you can use in Valorant:

  • Team Chat: Press SHIFT + Enter, Type /team + the message, Press Enter to send

  • Party Chat: Press SHIFT + Enter, Type /party + the message, Press Enter to send

  • All Chat: Press SHIFT + Enter, Type /all + the message, Press Enter to send

  • Whisper Chat: Press CTRL + Enter, Type the player’s name, Hit the tab to type the message

  • Reply to a private message: /r (faster than typing the name of the player when you are ingame)

  • Emojis: Press ALT key + Some NumPads

    • Heart Emoji: Alt + 3

    • Spade Emoji: Alt + 4

    • Random Emojis: Alt + Any double digit number (10-99)

  • Nullify a game (vote): /Remake. Works when a teammate disconnects by round two

  • Surrender (vote): /ff or /surrender or also /concede

If a teammate disconnects by round two, you can choose to nullify the game which means that the match will be shut down and you will not receive a loss. But you also need to get other players to use the nullify command as part of the voting process.

All experience points (XP) and matchmaking rating (MMR) gains/losses are also revoked from nullified games. Surrender/Forfeit works the same way but it will grant you a loss and the command can be used even after round two.

If you want to know how you can uncensor chat, you can check out our guide on how to disable the profanity filter in Valorant.

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