Killjoy’s Alarmbot has new, cute interactions in The Range in Valorant. You can make the Alarmbot display a flurry of hearts in-game.


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How to Trigger Hearts Animation on Killjoy’s Alarmbot in Range?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Killjoy’s Alarmbot has new, cute interactions in The Range in Valorant.
You can make the Alarmbot display a flurry of hearts in-game.

Killjoy mains have been rejoicing for the last couple of days with Riot Games breaking the internet with the subtle yet beautiful announcement of the relationship between the German inventor and Raze. The nanobomb ship evoked different emotions from the player base, with the majority of it supporting and applauding Riot’s storytelling. If you are a Killjoy player yourself, there’s more love coming your way. Killjoy’s Alarmbot ability has a special interaction currently in-game when you head to the Range in Valorant. Doing a specific string of actions will make the Alarmbot display heart emotes in-game. Here’s how you trigger the hearts animation on Killjoy’s Alarmbot.

How to make the Alarmbot display hearts in Valorant?

The Alarmbot is Killjoy’s Q ability in Valorant and the bot has very cute interactions. When you deploy the bot, it shows adorable puppy-like characteristics and its design also has two ear-like elements. When enemies get closer, the bot gets triggered, runs toward them, and makes them vulnerable. When vulnerable, enemies take more damage than usual from bullet shots. We’ve only seen the Alarmbot interact with the enemies and not with allies. Now, players can head over to the Range in Valorant to see some friendly gestures from the bot, which always seems to be angry and on alert.

  • Launch Valorant

  • Hit Play and click on Practice 

  • Choose ‘Open Range’ or ‘Shooting Test’

  • When you’re in The Range, head over to the area where you usually shoot the bots

  • You will see Cypher standing in front of his little room

  • You will also spot a stray Alarmbot in the vicinity in a very alert position.

  • Choose Killjoy for the shooting test

  • Go near the already-placed Alarmbot and use the Q ability to place another bot near it.

  • Once you place the Alarmbot closer to the other bot, you will see the latter react with love and hearts.

If you look closely, the Alarmbot that was already in the Range will tilt its head in a cute manner like a puppy would do and upon seeing the new bot, it will display a flurry of hearts before calming down.

The presence of Cypher and Killjoy’s Alarmbot in The Range is an easter egg. When you head into the small room and listen to the audio playback on Cypher’s laptop, you will hear that Skye, Astra, and Harbor are on a mission to find the lost city. However, you can hear worrisome sounds from the clips that could indicate that something bad happened to the team. When you are playing this audio clip, you will notice the Alarmbot running outside the practice area. Upon stepping out, you will find Fade looking intently at the pin board that contains crucial information about the mission. 

As you head down the Range to Brimstone’s office, you will also find Brimstone. When you play the voice note on the phone on the couch, Skye can be heard reassuring that everything is okay.

The email on Brimstone's computer informs those who are not involved in the current mission to rest up and this is the reason why Neon, Yoru, Killjoy, Raze, and Phoenix are in Salvador, Brazil.

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