Here is how to stream on Kick.


How to Stream on Kick

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Kick is a relatively new streaming platform claiming to be creator-friendly.
Here is how to stream on Kick.

Kick is a brand new streaming platform which launched in October 2022. Kick hopes to compete with other popular streaming platforms like and YouTube. Like other platforms, it allows streamers to broadcast their favorite games and includes different categories to stream in. Big streamers including the controversial Adin Ross have confirmed their move to Kick with others like Felix “xQc” Lengyel not ruling out a move. Kick does not demand exclusivity from its streamers, giving them the flexibility other streaming platforms do not currently provide. Here is how to set up an account and stream on Kick. 

How to stream on Kick

Kick supports all major live streaming applications including OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), XSplit and SLOBS. Let’s look at how you can set up your stream using OBS. Before you start streaming using OBS, you need to create an account on Kick. Head to the Kick website and sign up using the button on the top right corner of the page.

Sign up for Kick from the homepage.

Once you fill in all your details and activate your account you can now set up your stream using a live streaming application. You can download OBS from the website

Once you download the software, make sure you are logged into the account you wish to stream from and visit your creator dashboard. Then click the "Settings" menu item and click "Stream Key".

Get your stream key from Kick to add it to OBS.

After you get the key, add your Kick Stream Key to OBS. 

  • Open OBS

  • Click "File"

  • Click "Settings"

  • Click "Stream"

  • Change the service to "Custom..."

  • Paste the "Server" URL from your Kick Settings Page

  • Paste the "Stream Key" from your Kick Settings Page

  • Press Apply

Here is how you can set up your stream on OBS.

After that, change your output settings according to your PC specs. To change your Output settings, click the Output option from the OBS Settings page. Once you have saved all your streaming settings, head to your Kick Creator Dashboard to set your Stream Title and Category.

Edit the details of your stream on Kick.

Once you’ve set everything up, you can now take your stream live.  Press the "Start Streaming" button from your OBS software. To end your live stream, click the "Stop Streaming" button in your OBS software.

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