Here is how to report players in League of Legends.


How to Report Players in League of Legends

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Some players may engage in offensive, negative or disruptive behavior in your games.
You can report such players to Riot Games or optionally mute and block them.

League of Legends, like other online multiplayer games, teams you up with a group of mostly random strangers to battle it out against enemies. Unfortunately, you may encounter the occasional teammate or enemy who engages in overtly offensive, negative, or disruptive behavior. If you face harassment or other such negative behavior from players, you have the option to report them directly to Riot’s disciplinary systems at the end of the match. Here is how to report players in League of Legends both on the Rift and off it.

How to Report Players in League of Legends

You can report a player from within the League client during Champion Select or from the post-game lobby. Hover over their username and click the red ‘!’ button next to their Summoner Name. While in the post-game lobby, hover over the offending player’s name and click the red ! exclamation button.

Select the relevant categories when you report players in League of Legends.

Select the applicable categories and type out a brief comment about the report. Once you’ve reported a player, you may sometimes be notified if they are penalized. Note that reporting is completely anonymous, the offended player has no way of knowing who reported them.  

According to Riot, insulting, harassing, or offensive language directed at other players, hate speech of any kind, intentionally feeding, griefing, and leaving or going AFK are all grounds for reporting players. However, playing poorly while still trying to win and choosing off-meta champions and items is not considered offensive behavior. 

You can also report offending players from outside the League client using Riot’s form found here. Note that in order to report a player, you must have played a game with them as either a teammate or an opponent within the last 20 games.

When a player is reported, their case is first reviewed by Riot Games' automated Disciplinary System. This intelligent system analyzes the match data, reads the in-game chat log, and weighs the offending player’s report history before measuring out the appropriate disciplinary action. 

If the reported player is flagged by the system, they can face one (or many) of the following disciplinary actions:

  • Chat restrictions

  • Low-priority queue assignment

  • Queue lockout (different from a temporary ban, queue lockouts apply only to specific queues)

  • Honor and Hextech crafting restrictions

  • Temporary ban

  • Permanent ban 

Permanent bans are usually given to repeat offenders but also may be given to players on their first offense, depending on the severity of the report.

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