Here is how to mantle jump in Apex Legends.


How to Mantle Jump in Apex Legends

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Mantle jumping is a technique used to jump faster and higher with the help of a zipline.
Here is how to mantle jump in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends players have found a number of techniques and exploits to make their movement faster, smoother and sometimes unpredictable to bamboozle enemies. The mantle jump is one such technique that lets you gain more momentum, letting you launch your character higher and further. Mantle jumping may prove hard for some players but with some practice, you’ll be able to master it and use it in battle. Here is how to mantle jump in Apex Legends.

How to Mantle Jump in Apex Legends

Mantle jumping is where a player jumps and briefly triggers the ‘mantling’ (climb) animation on a ledge for a split second to gain extra momentum. The boost from the momentum of the jump causes your character to jump higher and further. Players usually use the various ziplines located around the map to achieve the higher momentum required for a mantle jump.

This technique was first explained on the r/Apexrollouts subreddit by a player in a test build. Reddit user thevilnside broke down the steps used to mantle jump.

Step 1 : Jump off the zipline towards the ledge.

Step 2 : Start holding the Crouch key immediately after leaving the zipline while holding Forward during the climb animation. 

Step 3 : Tap Backwards in order to cancel the climb animation and immediately flick down on the zip. 

Step 5 : Immediately after the Backwards input, flick down on the zip.

Step 6 : Immediately use a super jump on the zip to gain a boost.

A super jump where you use the Interact key with the zipline and immediately press the Jump key while looking in the direction you want to move. 

User thevilnside posted a video of their keystrokes to show players precisely how to achieve this.

There are several techniques discovered by players to achieve faster and smoother movements and in turn better gameplay. Techniques such as the wall jump can also be used to move unpredictably, making it easier to dodge enemy bullets.

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