How to make Valorant more Vibrant


How to Make Valorant More ‘Vibrant’?

Abhimannu Das
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You can make Valorant more vibrant using Nvidia Digital Vibrance or hardware settings for your monitor.
Enhanced saturation and contrast allows you to see better and discern enemies from the background.
Using Nvidia Digital Vibrance is completely safe and will not get you banned for using the app.

If you follow a lot of Twitch streams or YouTube content, you may have seen that some content creators have better vibrance in Valorant. The colors pop out more and things look a lot less dull, making it easier to see things. If you want to make Valorant look more vibrant, you can do so using Nvidia Digital Vibrance or even through your monitor settings.

Why should you make Valorant look more vibrant?

With some graphical tweaks, you can not only make Valorant look much better but it can also offer a slight competitive advantage with increased contrast and better colors. Editing your visual experience through Nvidia’s Digital Vibrance settings is completely safe and you do not need to worry about being banned.

How to use Nvidia Digital Vibrance in Valorant

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can do the following: 

  1. Right-click on your desktop. 

  2. Click on Nvidia Control Panel. 

  3. From the NVIDIA Control Panel navigation tree pane, under Display, click Adjust Desktop Color Settings to open the page.

  4. If applicable, select the display on which you want to improve the sharpness of images.

  5. Move the Digital Vibrance slider to increase (or decrease) the crispness/richness/intensity of your desktop colors.

How to tweak vibrance in Valorant without an Nvidia graphics card

You can tune the contrast of your monitor and achieve a similar effect. Consult your monitor’s manual to figure out how you can tweak your display settings. Typically you can do so by opening the menu using your monitor’s power button and finding the contrast and saturation options.

If you are using a laptop and you do not have a graphics card that allows you to digitally tweak your experience, then you may or may not have the option to edit your display settings. This will depend on the manufacturer of your laptop and what features they provide. We recommend checking your laptop’s support manual to find out if you can tweak your display settings on a hardware level.

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