Here is how to make a bed in Minecraft.


How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

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Beds can be used for resetting spawn points and to skip the night.
Here is how to make a bed in Minecraft.

A bed is a block that serves as a spawn point for players, and lets you skip the entire night. When you first enter a world and set up a rudimentary base, beds are essential equipment to help you respawn in a particular location, in case you die while exploring. Here is all you need to know about making a bed and how to use it in Minecraft.

How to make a bed in Minecraft

To make a bed in Minecraft, you'll need 3 wool and 3 planks. You can get wool by shearing sheep which drops 1-3 pieces of wool. You can also combine 4 strings (dropped when killing spiders) to make one piece of wool. All of your wool needs to be the same color to be used for a bed. A naturally spawned sheep will have white, black, brown or gray wool. Collect logs by breaking trees and using the crafting table to break them down into planks. Once you’ve collected enough wool and planks, you can craft a bed. 

Here is the recipe to make a bed in Minecraft.

The bed will be the color of the wool you used. You can use dyes to get any color wool (and bed) that you want. 

Beds not only serve as a convenient place to respawn in case you die but are also useful to ward off Phantoms. If you go three in-game days without sleeping or dying, a hostile mob called a Phantom will spawn in the sky and attack you till you sleep or die. Sleeping at night will skip time until the next morning. 

Note that you can only place a bed in the Overworld. If you try to place one in the Nether or the End, it will cause a huge explosion, setting fire to surrounding blocks. This explosion is even more powerful than TNT. Many players use this to their advantage to mine Netherite. To mine Netherite safely, use armor and get as far away from the bed as possible before trying to sleep in it. 

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