How to Inspect Weapons in Modern Warfare 3?


How to Inspect Weapons in Modern Warfare 3?

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 lets you inspect your weapons to showcase your weapon skins, decals, stickers, and charms.
If you're wondering how to inspect weapons in Modern Warfare 3, we've got you covered with our guide.

One of the critical aspects of any modern FPS game is weapon inspection. The feature allows players to showcase their hard-earned equipment and gun skins in a fashionable manner. 

Fans went wild when it was announced that Modern Warfare 3 would have weapon inspection. It’s not that we’re just getting weapon inspection; we’ll also see the addition of knife animations to the game. If you’re wondering how to inspect weapons in Modern Warfare 3, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide on how you can inspect weapons in Modern Warfare 3.

Inspecting Weapons in Modern Warfare 3

Even though it’s a common thing for all FPS games to include weapon inspection, it’s a relatively new thing for the Call of Duty franchise. The feature was first added in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and later to Modern Warfare 3. So, it’s no surprise that Modern Warfare 3 also includes weapon inspections.

Modern CoD titles are all about weapon customizations and personalizing your guns to your preferences. Modern Warfare 3 features plenty of weapon customization, both in terms of load-outs and giving each gear a unique look, with cosmetic items such as stickers, decals, and weapon charms.

After you’ve personalized your loadout, you obviously would want to see it in-game or show it off. This is how you can inspect weapons in Modern Warfare 3 –

  • For PlayStation & Xbox Players - To inspect your weapons in Modern Warfare 3, simply tap on your left D-pad if you’re using a controller. 

  • For Mouse & Keyboard Players - If you’re playing with a mouse and keyboard, press the ‘l’ key to look at your weapon's beauty.

If you’re not comfortable using these default keys for inspecting weapons in Modern Warfare 3, you can head over to in-game settings and change the “inspect” option onto another keybind as your preferences,

And that’s it; you can now inspect your guns in all their glory, showing off all the little details and a specific loadout you feel proud of! Be sure to follow us as we’ll keep you updated with the latest Modern Warfare 3 news and guides.

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