Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Beta Infested with Hackers & Cheaters


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Beta Infested with Hackers & Cheaters

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Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta is still exclusive to PlayStation consoles, hackers and cheaters have already infested the game.
Various clips have emerged where hackers can be seen taking down targets through walls and using aimbots.

We’re still a month away from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s official release, but the beta is already out for players who have preordered the next Call of Duty title. 

While the ongoing beta phase is excellent so far, Modern Warfare 3 is already plagued with hackers. The wave of hackers hitting the MW3 beta is alarming and frustrating for players. 

Cheaters are Ruining the Modern Warfare 3 Beta 

It didn’t take that long for this year’s Call of Duty title to be plagued by cheaters. The first weekend of the MW3 beta started on 6th October 2023 for those who preordered Modern Warfare 3 and opened for the rest of the player base on 8th October 2023. What’s surprised most people is that the MW3 beta is PlayStation exclusive, yet hackers are already proving to be a problem.

A Reddit post by u/kingbkny reveals an instance of a wall glitch that allowed the enemy to shoot them through the ground, something no one wants to see in a game that’s still in beta. 

However, that’s not the only cheating and glitch-abusing reporting. During a recent match, X user Duqysss came across a cheater armed with inhuman levels of accuracy and the ability to see players through walls. 

A lot of people know that it’s not easy to cheat on PlayStation consoles, but it doesn’t look impossible. The prime suspects for cheating in the MW3 beta are those who own a jailbroken PlayStation 4 console. What’s more, is that players are cheating even on the PlayStation 5 as well. It’s surprising to such abusers spending huge amounts on Dev Kits to win unfairly in beta, of all places.

Activision’s RICOCHET Anti-Cheat system should be able to slow things down, but as we’ve seen with Warzone and Modern Warfare 2, it couldn’t stop the hackers entirely. It seems unlikely that the anti-cheat system would be able to eradicate hackers and exploiters in MW3’s beta.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 beta for PC and Xbox is set to begin on 12th October, so it’s definitely concerning to see hackers and glitch exploiters ruining the game already. However, it’s important to remember that this is just the beta phase; Activision and Infinity Ward still have a month to figure out how to stop cheaters and get rid of glitches. 

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