How to Increase Scav Karma and Fence Reputation in Escape From Tarkov

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to increase Scav Karma and Fence Reputation in Escape From Tarkov.</p></div>
Here is how to increase Scav Karma and Fence Reputation in Escape From Tarkov.


Scav karma is a mechanic that changes how other scavs, scav bosses and the Fence react to you in Escape From Tarkov.
There are different ways to increase or decrease your scav karma.
Here is how to increase Scav Karma and Fence Reputation in Escape From Tarkov.

The Fence is one of the traders you’ll come across in Escape From Tarkov. Unlike other traders, he will buy whatever you offer and pay you in Roubles, and looking at some of the changes to the game, having a good Fence reputation is more important than ever. Reputation with him is tied to your reputation with Scav Karma, so let’s look at the different ways you can increase Scav Karma and Fence reputation in Escape From Tarkov. 

What is Scav Karma and how does it tie in with Fence Reputation?

As seasoned Tarkov players know, you can play as a PMC or a Scav (short for scavenger) in the game. What you do when playing as a Scav affects your reputation with the Fence. If you increase your Scav Karma, you’ll get access to a lot of perks with the Fence, similarly, decreasing your karma will give you negative effects including being actively hunted down by AI bosses, increased scav cooldown, and your scav box will take longer to return. 

How to increase Scav Karma and Fence reputation

One of the fastest ways to increase Fence reputation/scav karma is by killing player-scavs who have been hostile towards other scavs (this includes taking out PMCs) which gives you anywhere between +0.02 and +0.03 rep increase. You can also help out scav bosses by killing PMCs alongside them giving you a +0.02 to +0.05 increase. Although this strategy works best during the early stages after a wipe.

You can also vehicle extract which increases your scav karma by +0.25. This also applies to co-op extracts with PMCs and scavs, however, reputation earned from both vehicle and co-op extractions decreases over time and by your 4th extract you only get +0.0625 rep increase. 

Vehicle extracts like the ones on Streets of Tarkov can be used to increase scav karma.

Another way to increase your reputation with the Fence is to complete daily scav tasks which you will receive from him. However, to access these you’ll need to build the Intelligence Center module in your Hideout. Most of these missions only require you to extract at a certain extraction point on a specific map. For example, Fence might offer a task where you need to extract in RUAF Roadblock twice in Customs as a Scav. Completing these missions will give you a +0.01 rep boost. 

Killing a scav boss as a scav has one of the biggest reputation penalties, where you lose -0.2 rep. Similarly killing a fellow scav will set you back -0.1 rep. You also receive a -0.03 to -0.05 drop in reputation if you kill AI scavs as a scav. 

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