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How to Half Flip in Rocket League

Abhimannu Das
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A half flip in Rocket League can make the difference between a clean sheet or conceding multiple goals against good teams.
To pull off a half flip, you need to flip cancel to land your car on its wheels.
For consistency, it is recommended to stick to car cam instead of ball cam when pulling off the technique.

A half flip in Rocket league is one of the most deceptively simple maneuvers in the game that you need to master as you work towards improving at the game. The game requires a lot of quick reactions and if you find yourself in a spot where you need to defend your goal, a half flip in Rocket League can be your best friend. It can not only help relocate an incoming ball to safety but also rotate across the map very efficiently. While knowing how to half flip in Rocket League is not essential, if you have a very aggressive pre-made squad reliant on scoring a ton of goals and if you find yourself on the backfoot, in need to defend goals, then knowing how to pull the move off is great.

What is a half flip in Rocket League

A half flip in Rocket League is a handy technique that you can use to quickly change the direction of your car and face forwards in an instant. It is the fastest known method of pulling off a quick 180 in any situation and you do not have to rely on your brakes or find yourself in a barrel roll in clutch situations.

The technique involves canceling a normal full backflip at around the half-way mark to ensure you land on your wheels. It takes a bit of precision and timing to land perfect half flips every single time but with proper practice, you can easily get there.

How to half flip in Rocket League

To half flip in Rocket League, you need to reverse backwards and flip over towards your own goal. This is a useful technique when you are defending a shot headed towards your goal. You will be able to pull off a half flip and push a ball away in an instant without needing to brake. Here is how you can pull it off consistently:

  1. Initiate a backwards flip towards your own goal when defending a shot

  2. Instead of flipping backwards completely, stop the flip at the halfway mark

  3. You can pull it off consistently by moving the analogue stick against the direction you are going. If you are flipping backwards, you need to push forward.

  4. If done correctly, your car will now land on its wheels and you will be able to tip an incoming shot back without losing line of sight on the ball.

It is strongly recommended to pull off this mechanic with the player cam on instead of the ball cam when you are learning it. Once you have mastered the art of half flips, you can stick to any camera mode you want.

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