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What Are Centers in Rocket League

Abhimannu Das
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Centers in Rocket League are plays that enable your forwards to score easy goals at close range.
Centering involves relocating the goal straight in front of the opponent's goal.
Learning how to center is essential as it can help you rake in more assists in Rocket League.

Centers in Rocket League can be highly effective if you want to coordinate pushes and score more goals. The concept of centering in Rocket League is not new by any means, with traditional sports like hockey and soccer using the same term to refer to sending the ball to the center of an opponent’s goal. Doing so enables your teammates to make use of the space available and potentially score a goal. Considering how small each team is in Rocket League, you have more open space to work with which makes centers in Rocket League highly effective. Sending the ball from the backline or the sides to the center and enabling teammates who are pushed forward can help you secure some quick goals.

How to Center in Rocket League

The term centering in Rocket League refers to sending the ball to the center of your opponent’s goal from any part of the field to enable your forwards to secure a goal. Centering focuses on enabling your teammates to score instead of you trying to secure a goal yourself from a range.

You can pick up a lot of assists by centering in Rocket League and helping your teammates secure goals. Doing so will not net you a large number of goals every match, but you will set yourself up for more wins by working with your teammates. Whether you are playing solo queue or in a coordinated squad, taking advantage of centers in Rocket League is very important.

Here are some tips on how to center in Rocket League as effectively as possible:

Take advantage of walls: You can slam the ball into a wall for centers in Rocket League. With practice, you will have a better understanding of how to take advantage of walls in the game, and knowing at what angles you need to shoot at will help you set up the perfect centers.

Avoid tunnel vision: The objective of centers in Rocket League is to secure goals and it can be easy for you to get tunnel-visioned where you try to secure a goal from long ranges. If there is a talented goalkeeper in the opposition, you will be unable to get away with it and it is much easier to assist your teammates with some well placed centers than trying to get a cheeky goal in.

Communicate: You should communicate with your teammates if you are trying to setup centers for them. It will help your forwards be aware of when you try to set them up or scoring goals with your well-timed centers.

That is all you need to know about enabling your teammates with centers and raking in assists every game. We recommend heading to the Gameplay menu under Settings and changing the Game Stat Display Level to All Stats. Doing so will enable you to track all successful centers and use the in-game stats menu to your advantage for improving.

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