Here is how you can get your Twitch recap for 2022.


How to Get Your Twitch Recap for 2022

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Twitch recaps offer viewers a glimpse into their Twitch journey throughout the year.
Here is how you can get your Twitch recap for 2022.

With 2022 coming to an end, Twitch viewers and streamers can get a glimpse of their journey on Twitch this year. The annual Twitch recap gives viewers statistics related to how long they spent on the platform, who they watched the most, and their top categories. Players should ideally be able to access their Twitch recap for 2022 when they visit the website. You’ll see a bar at the bottom of the screen which will take you to your Twitch recap. If not, here is how you can view your Twitch recap for 2022. 

Where can I see my Twitch recap for 2022?

Some players may not be able to access their Twitch recaps easily due to settings on their account. If players have certain notification settings, you’ll see one pop up to view your recap for this year. If not you can follow the link here. This will take you to Twitch’s annual recap page. In most cases, even if you don’t get a notification, a small purple bar at the bottom of your Twitch homepage will direct you towards the Twitch Recap. The bar reads, "The Twitch Recap is here! See and share everything we did together in 2022." Click on the ‘Show Me’ button for Twitch to take you to your recap.

The little purple bar at the bottom of the homepage to get your Twitch Recap for 2022.

Here you have access to two distinct tabs; one for community and other for viewer. The community tab gives you a recap of the entire platform including information about how many collective hours viewers tuned in, categories watched, most used emotes and most popular tags on the website. The viewer tab shows you individual stats for 2022, including number of hours watched, channel points collected and who your favourite streamers and categories were. You can download a miniature version of this infographic and share your individual stats on social media. Twitch Recap 2022 is available from now until mid-January 2023.

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