How to Get Ultra Secreto Doll in Warzone DMZ

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Call of Duty has added a new Easter egg to the game, referencing the viral "aliens" from Mexico.
You can sell the Ultra Secreto doll in-game for a sizeable amount which can be used to buy ammo, equipment, etc.
Here is how to get the Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ.

The viral “alien” showcased by the Mexican government has made its way into Call of Duty. Activision decided to add a fun little easter egg to Warzone DMZ and make it worth the effort of finding it. Players will be able to pick up an Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ which is worth $100,000 in the game. Here is where you will find the Ultra Secreto doll in Call of Duty Warzone DMZ and how to get it. 

Location of Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ

Players can get the Ultra Secreto doll by defeating the UFO boss during the Warzone Operation Nightmare event. You will find the UFO on the southeast of Sawah Village on the Al Mazrah map, out near some shipwrecks. Here is how to find the doll in Warzone DMZ.

To get the Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ you will need to defeat the UFO boss.
  • Drop into Al Mazrah

  • Navigate to Sawah Village, which is located on the south-west side of the map.

  • Defeat all the anomalies in the area and take down the UFO.

  • Upon destroying the UFO, it will drop an alien corpse.

The Ultra Secreto doll is worth $100,000 in-game.

The boss fight has three stages. During the first stage, you have to dodge the UFO attacks and shoot at the core. However, during the second stage you have three different targets to focus on. After you defeat the boss you will get two artifacts or relics, one of which is the Ultra Secreto doll. The artifacts will be highlighted on your screen, so you just have to walk over to them and collect them.

How to use Ultra Secreto doll in Call of Duty Warzone DMZ

The Ultra Secreto doll is worth $100,000 in Warzone DMZ. Therefore, it can be useful for purchasing items, weapons, ammo, or other in-game supplies. If you don’t want to sell the doll immediately, you can store it in your Backpack and sell it later. Keep in mind that the alien doll will only be available inside the match, as exfiltrating with it won’t add it to your inventory. So you’ll need to sell it before the match ends in any case. Finding the Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone will let you complete the UFO boss challenge, which unlocks a calling card. Note that the alien doll is a limited-time item. Once the event concludes, the horror aesthetics and anomalies will be removed from the game completely. That's all you need to know about finding the Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ. 

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