Here is how to get the Traveler’s Luggage Key in Warzone 2 DMZ. 


How to Get the Traveler’s Luggage Key in Warzone 2 DMZ

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Finding the Traveler’s Luggage Key is part of completing one of the many missions in Warzone 2 DMZ.
Players can find this unique key in a number of ways which include drops through random AI.

The new DMZ mode in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 has several gameplay features for players to explore. There are several objectives for the players to complete in DMZ which involve doing missions for the various factions and earning loot in the process. Note that there are several unique keys to obtain by completing Legion missions which can lead you to various tiers of loot.

One such mission for the Legion involves getting the Traveler’s Luggage Key and the corresponding loot. Finding this key is part of completing the Drop Dead mission - Legion mission in the game. Players will need to complete Tier 1 and 2 missions for the Legion to unlock the Tier 3 Drop Dead mission in DMZ.

How to get the Traveler’s Luggage Key

The Drop Dead mission in DMZ involves traveling to Al-Mazrah city and delivering 20 pieces of lethal equipment to the dumpster dead drop in the Sarwana Hotel alley, north of the Al-Mazrah City Post Office. Any lethal equipment including Semtex, Thermite, C4, Drill Charges, Frags, Molotovs, Proximity Mines, Claymores, and Throwing Knives count while completing the mission. 

Once you complete the Drop Dead mission, you’ll receive the Traveler’s Luggage Key. However, this isn’t the only way to get the key. Completing the HVT Contract also has a random chance of dropping the key. Similarly, there is a chance you can get the key from taking down enemy AI around the map.

Sometimes random AI will drop the Traveler’s Luggage Key.

Once you get the Traveler’s Luggage Key, head over to the Al Malik Airport to locate the Traveler’s Luggage duffel bag.

It is located inside the Al Malik Airport.

The bag can be found on the second floor of the building in the waiting room.

You'll find the duffel bag in the waiting room.

You’ll get random high-tier rewards including two rare items in the duffel bag. The key can be used to loot the area multiple times once you obtain it.

The Traveler’s Luggage Key can be used to unlock a duffel bag with rare rewards.

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