How to Get the Paindeer Sleigh Operator Skin in COD MW3?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Get the Paindeer Sleigh Operator Skin in COD MW3?</p></div>
How to Get the Paindeer Sleigh Operator Skin in COD MW3?


The Paindeer Sleigh Operator Skin accompanies the Santa Gnaws Ultra skins, offering a gigantic and goofy reindeer head along with weapon skins, stickers, and more.
It is not possible to purchase the Sleigh operator skin separately.

As part of the Holiday season, Modern Warfare 3 has seen the addition of festive-themed skins in its Store. While a zombified Santa Claus made an appearance in the Santa Gnaws Ultra Skin Bundle, the devs had added a goofy reindeer companion to him with the release of the Paindeer Sleigh operator skin, along with Christmas-themed weapon skins, stickers, and a calling card. While this skin’s gigantic head will certainly blow your cover, it is also guaranteed to get a chuckle or two from your fellow squadmates every time you’re on their screen! Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Acquiring the Paindeer Sleigh Operator Skin in MW3

Similar to the Santa Gnaws Ultra Bundle, you will need to purchase the Paindeer Bundle to get access to the Sleigh Operator Skin. Here are all of its contents:

  • “Sleigh” Operator Skin for Doc

  • “Gift Wrapped” for the Pulemyot 762 Aftermarket Part

  • “Just Believe” KV Inhibitor Blueprint

  • “The Paindeer” Calling Card

  • “Stuffed and Plush” Weapon Sticker

  • “Seeing Red” Emblem

Pumlemyot 762

Apart from its enormous head, the Sleigh operator skin does not have any distinctive visual effects. You also get two Christmas-themed weapon blueprints adorned with white snowflakes and red accents throughout the guns, one for the Pumlemyot 762 and one for the KV inhibitor. If you haven’t unlocked these weapons yet, you will automatically do so upon purchasing this bundle. 

KV inhibitor

The Paindeer bundles also come with other cosmetics such as the “The Paindeer” Calling Card, “Stuffed and Plush” Weapon Sticker, and “Seeing Red” Emblem which can be equipped via the Customize Tab. The Paindeer calling card looks the coolest to us and it would certainly be a worthy addition if you already own the Santa Gnaws bundle.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, you can purchase the Paindeer Bundle for 2400CP which is 1664 INR / 19.9 USD / 19.99 EUR. if you cannot find the bundle in the store, head to any of the customization tabs such as the Armory, Gunsmith, or Operator Tab to purchase them.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Paindeer Sleigh Operator skin in MW3. Check out our other guides if you wish to know more about the game’s missions, weapons, and more

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