COD MW3 Zombies Guide: How to Complete the Essence of Aether Quest?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD MW3 Zombies Guide: How to Complete the Essence of Aether Quest?</p></div>
COD MW3 Zombies Guide: How to Complete the Essence of Aether Quest?


The Essence of Aether quest requires you to scour through three different locations on the map and collect samples for Dr. Jansen.
Although the map gives you the name of these locations, you will still have to find the exact spot of these Essence containers while also handling the undead and mercenaries.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies contains numerous enticing missions that will grant several rewards for players upon completing them. One such is the Essence of Aether quest that occurs in the second act and tasks players with collecting Essence samples for Dr. Jansen’s Aetherium research. Players will have to explore the map of Urzikstan and acquire them from three different locations to complete it, which can be quite the daunting task, as you will have to deal with the undead and mercenaries along the way. Worry not, as this guide will help you get through this quest. Let’s jump right in.

How to Complete the Essence of Aether Quest in MW3 Zombies?

As mentioned above, the Essence of Aether mission requires you to collect Essence Samples from three different locations. These are:

  • Hamza Bazaar in Hadiqa Farms

  • Rostova Shops in Levin Resorts

  • Quadri Shopping Center in Zaravan City

Although the game provides you with the locations of these containers, you will still have to scour through these areas to find their exact spot, while also dealing with zombies and mercs. Additionally you can also choose to team up with your friends to make the process a whole lot easier.

Hamza Bazaar

Hamza Bazaar borders the tier one and two threat zones on the east side of the map. You need to reach the southern part of Hadiqa Farms where you will find two large and lengthy buildings  and a much smaller building in the middle. Enter this and you will find the Essence container sitting on top of a counter inside a shop.

Levin Resorts

To find the second one, head to the southeast region of Levin Resorts where you will find the Rostova Shops area in the northwest quadrant. If you are approaching from the north, you will find a gas station on a highway near the Resorts. Make your way past that and head into the large square building to the south. You will find the Essence container on top of an office desk.

Zaravan City

The third and final Essence sample can be found in the southwest part of the map in Zaravan City. You will find numerous single story buildings if you head to the eastern side of Zaravan city. Walk alongside the highway bridge to spot these buildings and you will notice an almost triangle-shaped patch of grass on the map in front of a small cafe. You will find the Essence container sitting on top of the stall’s counter.

That is pretty much all it takes to complete the Essence of Aether quest in COD MW3 Zombies. Upon successfully completing Essence samples from all three containers you will be rewarded with Speed Cola and 2000 XP.

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