Here’s How You Can Effectively Defeat the Legacy Warlord in MW3 Zombies

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here’s How You Can Effectively Defeat Warlords in MW3 Zombies</p></div>
Here’s How You Can Effectively Defeat Warlords in MW3 Zombies


The Warlord is the leader of the Legacy mercenary group whom you will encounter during “Storm The Castle” mission in Act 3.
Before you enter his fortress to kill him, you need to obtain a legacy keycard by raiding the safe of a Mercenary Stronghold.
Players will be rewarded with numerous high-tier items along with drastically increasing their chances of finding a Wonder weapon.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 contains numerous bosses built into its Zombies mode allowing its players to experience enticing battles for rewards and XP.  Each of these bosses spawn in set locations across the infected region of Urzikstan during each playthrough and one among them is the Warlord, a deadly mercenary leader who will drop high-tier loot and weaponry, possibly even the Sorcher, the third Wonder weapon. Killing him is an integral part of MW3 Zombies and you will encounter him during the Storm The Castle quest in the third act. Here’s how you can effectively defeat him.

Prerequisites to Take Down the Warlord in Cod MW3 Zombies

The Mercenary Warlord can be found in the Legacy Fortress, located in the orange zone on the top left side at the D2 map coordinate. However, you will need to obtain a legacy keycard before you gain access to the fortress.

Gaining the fortress keycard requires you to clear out a Mercenary Stronghold which also requires another Stronghold keycard to enter. If you already have one in your possession, you will need to make your way to the safe present inside the Stronghold. You must now drill into it, which will take around a minute, where you will have to fend off numerous mercenaries. Once the process is complete, you will find the legacy keycard inside the safe.

safe strongold

If you do not have the Stronghold keycard, the game presents you with three options; You can clear out a mercenary camp or a convoy within the map to obtain one. The second option involves spending 2000 Essence and purchasing it from the Buy Station, while the third option requires you to complete contracts and acquire them through Rift drop rewards.

Once you have the Fortress keycard, make sure to stock up on various resources such as a 3-plate vest, at least one Level 2 Pack-A-Punch weapon, a Self-Revive kit along with perks like Speed Cola, Quick Revive, etc. The Warlord is a formidable threat and gearing up with the aforementioned weaponry will certainly aid you during combat.

pack a punch

Defeating the Mercenary Warlord in MW3 Zombies

After arriving at the fortress, you will need to take out the mercenaries defending the area. A Chopper will also spawn after your arrival, so make sure you take advantage of the nearby buildings and take them all out.

Once that is done, enter the fortress with caution as you will find numerous traps set up all over the area. You must also make sure you take out the inflated troops using perks, mollys or grenades as you will get flashbanged, if you shoot them down.

Climb up the staircase and you will find a several more mercenaries guarding the small hallway beside a room. Take them all out and you will find the leader of Legacy (Warlord) in the back end of the room. You will have to rain down a ton of ammo on him as he will be heavily armored.

Make sure you do not get too close to him as he will fire shotgun rounds that inflict massive damage. You must also dodge his molotovs in the process. Try not to lavishly spend your resources as you will need all of it to tackle him effectively.

Rift rewards

Once he is finally defeated, you can grab the Strauss’s research quest item and complete “Storm The Castle” quest. Furthermore, you will also unlock another door in the same room which will lead you to a Rift Reward drop granting you numerous high-tier resources for your endeavors. Although most of these high level items are randomly generated, you also have an elevated chance of finding the Raygun or any other Wonder weapon.

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