How to Get Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to get Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2.0.</p></div>
Here is how to get Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2.0.


Strongholds are areas with high tier loot in Warzone 2.0 DMZ.
Here is how to get Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2.0.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has several missions to complete in the DMZ mode which require players to drive a vehicle, interrogate enemies, and complete Faction missions. Completing one such Legion Faction mission requires players to use a Stronghold Keycard. Here is how you can get the card.

How to get the Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2

There are a number of ways players can get the Stronghold Keycard for the mission. One way is to purchase it at any Buy Station for $5,000. So save up enough cash and head to one of the many Buy Stations on the map.

Another way of obtaining it is to simply take down other players who already have a Stronghold Keycard and loot it from them. Note that once players obtain the card they will head towards the stronghold so another strategy is to camp out the strongholds and if you spot any enemy players coming towards it, pick a fight with them and take them down. There is a high chance that they have a keycard on them.

Stronghold Keycards unlock areas of high quality loot. These are marked with the castle icons.

A third way of getting the keycard is to kill enemy AI that patrol around strongholds. The DMZ mode has several AI guards patrolling around strongholds so take down multiple guards to get the keycard from them. 

Once you get the keycard, head to any of the areas marked on the map as strongholds but be prepared to fight off more enemies here. Once you have breached the stronghold, go inside and collect the resources there. 

A stronghold is a marked hotspot with some rare and valuable loot, so it’s not a bad idea to go here even if you don’t have to complete the Legion Faction mission. It isn’t easy taking on the guards around the stronghold so ideally do this mission with a full squad of teammates for higher chances of success.

Stronghold Keycards can be bought at the Buy Stations too.

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