How to Get Rank Buddy in Valorant?



How to Get Rank Buddy in Valorant?

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Rank buddies in Valorant are trinket-like attachments that hang by your guns.
Players can acquire a rank buddy by the end of an episode after the game gauges their overall performance.

A rank buddy in Valorant is more than just an accessory. It is a badge of honor that signifies your journey as you rise through the ranks in Riot Games’ first-person hero shooter. At the end of every Episode, the game gauges your game performance and offers you a gun buddy based on your performance. As the name suggests, a rank buddy is always determined on the basis of the rank you acquire. The motivation to acquire a rank buddy also helps you polish your skills and celebrate the results at the end of an Episode. 

This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding what rank buddies are and how you can obtain them. 

What is a Rank Buddy in Valorant? 

A rank buddy in Valorant is a weapon companion that hangs by your guns. Gun buddies are trinket-like attachments that add a flair of victory and royalty to your persona as you play matches and show off your skills. Rank buddies are just one part of the gun buddy world. There are other gun buddies in Valorant that players equip purely for aesthetic purposes. These types of buddies can be purchased through monetary transactions as you purchase skin bundles, or when you unlock a character, therefore completing a contract. 

Rank buddles, on the other hand, are earned purely by merit. As players climb through hurdles step by step and reach a rank by the end of a Valorant episode, they can acquire a rank buddy based on their rank. 

How to Get a Rank Buddy in Valorant?

In order to be eligible to collect a rank buddy, by the end of an Episode, your account must be past level 20. This means the competitive mode should be unlocked. Secondly, you must participate in placement matches to determine your rank by the end of an Episode. An Episode consists of three acts, so even if you fall off the wagon in the beginning, you can make up for it in the next two acts.

Additionally, if your rank falls during any act, there is nothing to worry about! This is because the ranking system considers your highest achieved rank during a particular Episode and not the latest one. 

Players can retrieve their rank buddy after the current Episode ends and the next one begins. As soon as the current season ends, you can hop into the inventory and equip the rank buddy based on your rank. 

What are the Different Ranks in Valorant?

Different Ranks in Valorant

Valorant has the following ranks in ascending order:

  1. Iron 

  2. Bronze

  3. Silver 

  4. Gold 

  5. Platinum 

  6. Diamond 

  7. Ascendant 

  8. Immortal

  9. Radiant

As you race through different Acts and Episodes, you can always rise through your ranks with practice. So, go out there and shoot your enemies to become the ultimate Valorant champion and bag the Radiant rank buddy!

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