What Ranks Can Play Together in Valorant

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What Ranks Can Play Together in Valorant


While some players may prefer to play Valorant solo and focus on improving their individual skills to climb through the ranks, there may come a time when they want to team up with friends to play and compete together. 

However, Valorant’s ranking system imposes certain restrictions on players' ability to queue together with their friends based on their ranks. If you and your friend’s ranks are too far apart, you may not be able to play ranked games together. Riot Games implemented this system to ensure that the gameplay is fair and balanced and that players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels.

What ranks can play together in Valorant?

Here are the full details on which ranks can play together in Valorant.

Five-player stack

Valorant allows parties of up to five people of any rank to queue together. The only caveat is that you will not be able to gain fewer rank rating points since you will receive an rank rating (RR) penalty and experience increase queue times if you are a premade 5-player stack. 

If all 5 members of your group are Diamond 2 or lower:

  • The amount of RR received will depend on the ranked disparity within the group.

  • If at least one member of your group has a Diamond 3 or higher rank:

  • A minimum reduction of 50% in RR will be applied, and this reduction can increase up to 90%, depending on the skill disparity between players.

If at least one member of your group is Radiant:

A minimum reduction of 75% in RR will be applied, and playing with any player below Radiant will reduce the Radiant player’s potential RR by 90%

Four-player stack

Four-stacks are no longer permitted in ranked matchmaking. This is because the solo queue player will have poor match quality when competing with a four-stack.

Two or three-player stack

Players in Iron and Bronze tiers can play with those up to Silver, Silver players can play with up to Gold, Gold players can play with up to Platinum, and Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant players can play with teammates exactly one tier higher at maximum.

Additionally, players with a rank of Immortal or higher are only permitted to play solo, duo, or with a preset 5-stack party, not in a party of three.

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