How to Get Overwatch 2 Prime Gaming Reward: Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin

For some its free, for some its paid.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Get Overwatch 2 Prime Gaming Reward: Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin</p></div>
How to Get Overwatch 2 Prime Gaming Reward: Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin


The Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin is available from 17th November to 21st December as part of Prime Gaming.
Follow the steps mentioned below to receive this free Soldier:76 skin.

A new Overwatch 2 Prime Gaming Reward has arrived for players over on the store page for the next 34 days, starting 17th November. It replaces the earlier giveaway of five battle pass tier skips which started last month on 20th October.

The community had expressed its disappointment over Overwatch 2 abandoning loot drops, but the developers were able to turn things around by partnering with several third-party platforms to continue rolling out rewards at a consistent pace.

This plan seems to have worked successfully in engaging with the players, who love the fact that they can secure skins, items, and other such rewards through other services that they commonly use.

Overwatch 2 Prime Gaming Reward Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin: Complete Details

Overwatch 2 is offering a fantastic-looking skin in partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming. The current cosmetic that is on offer is the Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin, available from 17th November to 21st December.

This skin for Soldier: 76 looks really great and is available for all players who hold an active membership or are about to purchase one. However, do keep in mind that this opportunity is around for only 34 days in total, so try to make a decision as soon as possible.

Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin

How to Get Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin in Overwatch 2?

It is not very complicated to claim Prime Gaming Rewards for Overwatch 2 but they can only be redeemed by those who have an active Amazon Prime Subscription because this gives them access to the necessary features.

  1. Eligible players need to visit the prime gaming website.

  2. On the website, they need to search for Overwatch 2, either by going through the entire list or via the search box provided.

  3. Click on the available reward, in this case, 'Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin'.

  4. Make sure your Prime Gaming account is linked to the correct Activision Blizzard account.

  5. If not, then simply click on the 'Link Account' button provided below and sign into your account.

  6. Once linked, go to the Overwatch 2 reward page on Prime Gaming and click on 'Get In-Game Content'.

  7. Now, launch Overwatch 2 and go to the 'Hero Gallery'.

  8. From the list of heroes select the one whose skin you have redeemed and want to activate, in this case Soldier 76.

  9. Scroll through the list of available skins for the hero and select the one that you redeemed through Prime Gaming.

  10. It will be activated upon being selected, you can simply click on 'Equip' to try it on.

In case you collect the Golfer Soldier 76 Epic Skin but still do not see it in the game, make sure that the Amazon Prime account that you used to get the cosmetic is linked to the same account that you use to play Overwatch 2.

If you are unsure and want to verify whether the correct account is linked, go to your Amazon linked accounts page here.

In case the wrong account is linked to your Amazon Prime account, unlink it here, and follow the steps mentioned above to complete the linking process again.

This is a fantastic opportunity to grab a great Overwatch 2 skin. Even after your Amazon Prime Subscription expires all the claimed rewards will stay with the you, but you will not be able to claim any future giveaways.

Also, make sure that you have linked the current Blizzard account with your Prime Gaming account, otherwise, the reward might go to the wrong account and this is something that can not be reversed.

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