Moira Masked Dancer Skin in Overwatch 2


How to Get Moira Masked Dancer Skin in Overwatch 2

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The Moira Masked Dancer legendary skin and the Masked Dancer victory pose for Moira are being given out for free in Overwatch 2.
The cosmetics will be available via Twitch drops from 12th to 26th January.
Players will need to watch four hours of Twitch content on partnered streams to receive the rewards.

Overwatch 2 is celebrating the Chinese new year with a free legendary skin up for grabs. The Moira Masked Dancer skin is being given out to all players from 12th to 26th January for tuning into partnered Twitch streams. Players can get the Lion Roars Victory Pose by watching a partnered streamer for two hours and the skin is available once you watch a stream for four hours.

Link Overwatch 2 to Twitch to claim the Moira Masked Dancer Skin

The Moira Mask Dancer skin and the associated victory pose are being given out as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Unlike Overwatch 1 where you could acquire an entire collection of skins just by playing and earning enough loot boxes, such is not the case with Overwatch 2. Free skins will be available from time to time as a part of login events or Twitch rewards.

Players will need to enable Twitch Drops on their Overwatch 2 account to redeem the drops, here’s how you can earn the cosmetics:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Go to your Connections page

  3. Click Connect next to Twitch

  4. Login to Twitch and connect your accounts in the new page

Once your and Twitch accounts are linked with each other tune in to any channel that has the “Drops Enabled” tag from 12th to 26th January and you will be able to earn the drops. 

As soon as you earn a drop, Twitch sends you a notification on the top right corner of the UI. Make sure that you claim the drop from your Twitch Drops inventory to receive it on your Overwatch account. 

If you do not want to watch a Twitch stream, you can still tune-in and mute the audio of your browser tab while using your device for anything else. Muting the stream itself can sometimes prevent you from earning drops but if you right-click on your browser tab and temporarily mute it, you will be able to earn the drop without issues. You should receive the victory pose after two hours of watching a partnered stream and the legendary skin will be available after you complete four hours of watch time.

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