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How to Get Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

Abhimannu Das
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Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2 are exclusive to players who played the previous title in the series.
Overwatch Legacy Credits cannot be purchased via the Shop currently.
Players will need to obtain Overwatch Coins or Overwatch League Tokens to purchase any cosmetics in the game.

If you are booting up Overwatch 2 for the first time, you will notice that the game has multiple currencies and it does a poor job of explaining what each currency does. Some cosmetics are purchasable using the “Legacy” white currency while Overwatch coins are yellow. You can purchase the yellow Overwatch coins whereas the Legacy currency is available to Overwatch 1 players who moved to Overwatch 2.

How to earn Legacy credits in Overwatch 2

You will not be able to earn any Legacy credits in Overwatch 2 and Blizzard Entertainment has not revealed if the developers will be adding any alternate means of earning legacy currency. The only purpose it serves at the moment is to purchase skins that are sold for the old currency.

Your only option is to buy the new yellow Overwatch coins and purchase the skins. You will also notice that Overwatch coins and Legacy coins do not have the same value. Something that costs 1000 Overwatch coins can set you back by 1900 Legacy coins. If you have any Legacy currency lying around it is recommended to spend it.

A lot of the new skins that were added in Overwatch 2 do not allow you to spend Legacy credits on them and you have to purchase them with the new Overwatch coins. Most of the cosmetics that you can get using the Legacy coins are from Overwatch 1 and there is no reason to hold on to the old currency.

There is also a third currency that requires you to purchase Overwatch League Tokens or earn them via watching esports events. This currency is usable only for the esports skins that you have to manually find via the filters in the Heroes menu. The esports cosmetics cannot be purchased using other currencies.

There is an ongoing bug that automatically spends your Legacy currency and if you had any unspent credits and see that you have none now, you should submit a ticket to Blizzard’s support channels. A lot of players lost their old skins and currencies and if you are affected, filing a complaint will get your issue resolved.

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