Valorant is one of the most competitive games out there currently and we all want to perform well in-game.


How to Get Better at Valorant? Tips and Tricks

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Valorant is one of the most competitive games out there currently and we all want to perform well in-game.
Here are a few tips and tricks to follow while playing Valorant that will help you get better at the game.

It has been over two years since the release of Riot Games’ free-to-play first-person hero shooter Valorant. While the publisher has been steadily introducing new agents, maps, and better in-game settings, the esports side of things has also grown significantly. The pro scene of Valorant has been encouraging young and upcoming players to taste the competitive side of things. However, when one wants to reach the pinnacle of the esport, they need to have precise aim and impeccable game knowledge. Well, even if you are not looking to go pro, we’re sure you’d want to at least climb out of Gold in Valorant.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get better at Valorant

Practice without ego

You might land occasional headshots on your opponent and show them off on social media channels and to your close friends. However, the aim is to hit these shots consistently. For this to happen, you will need to lose the mindset of “I am the best” and genuinely try your hardest every game. You can also hop on to the Range or Aim Labs, clock in the hours, and try out different guns. 

Communicate with your teammates

Just like any other online multiplayer game, Valorant also emphasizes the importance of communicating with your teammates. You might be the top fragger in your team but when you’re dead, you are still dependent on your squad to win the round. Always let your teammates know what intel you have about the enemies. Without being toxic or rude, let them know where you think the enemies might be located and use the in-game pings effectively. Turning off voice comms will only get you so far and very soon you will have to talk with your squad to get to higher ranks.

Choosing the right crosshair

There is no harm in drawing inspiration from your favorite Valorant player’s crosshair or using it as such without modifications. However, it is important to note that a crosshair that helps Tyson "TenZ" Ngo pop off in-game might not exactly work out for you. As a result, try out a bunch of crosshairs in the Practice Mode and choose one that suits your playstyle. Reducing the spread indicator and also changing the color of the crosshair are important aspects to consider.

Crosshair placement

When you spectate pro games, you will notice how all the players always have their crosshairs placed at a head level even when they are not engaged in duels. This is an important element to remember as crosshair placement will definitely help you get better at Valorant. When you always aim at head height, you will only have to make a minimum correction to shoot at your enemy. You will have to move your crosshair only left or right and you are more likely to hit the enemy’s head. 

Choosing a few agents to master and showing patience

Valorant has a wide variety of agents to choose from. It is better to have two to three agents you are savvy with and learn to play them all so that you don’t end up becoming a one-trick pony in the game. Having multiple options will make you an asset to your team and help you adapt according to your team composition and also the map that you get. Also, note that being aggressive all the time will not work out. Sometimes, you will have to take it slow and wait for the enemies to come to you. Remember that your team needs you and if all five players are alive, the better the odds of you winning the round, and eventually the game.

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