Here is how to get Ancient Coins in Honkai Star Rail.


How to Get Ancient Coins in Honkai Star Rail

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Ancient Coins in Honkai Star Rail are not uncommon.
You can find them in multiple locations on Jarilo-VI.
Here is how to get Ancient Coins in Honkai: Star Rail.

There are a variety of items you can get in Honkai: Star Rail which can be useful to level up or for health regeneration. Ancient coins in Honkai Star Rail are not that rare in themselves, but they can be used to complete objectives to get Stellar Jades, a rare currency. While they are not rare, you’ll need to head to specific locations and perform certain actions to get Ancient Coins. Here is how you can get Ancient Coins in Honkai: Star Rail. 

How to Get Ancient Coins in Honkai: Star Rail

There are multiple locations where you can find Ancient Coins in Honkai Star Rail including on Jarilo-VI, especially in Belobog, and the Administrative District. Ancient Coins are described by the game as, “An old coin from a time when metal was still a plentiful resource in Belobog.” Here is exactly where you can find them. 

Ancient Coins are not uncommon in the world of Honkai.

Players can find them by breaking objects all over the frozen world of Jarilo-VI. Look for coins in crates, cylinders, and barrels. If you’re lucky, you may get three or more coins in objects.

You can find Ancient Coins specifically by searching trash cans in Belobog, located on Jarilo-VI. Searching inside these talking Trash Cans has a chance of giving you an Ancient Coin, 1000 Credits or simply some trash. You won’t get coins in every trash can, but it does make for some hilarious interactions.

Search in trash cans and other objects around the world of Jarilo-VI to to get Ancient Coins in Honkai: Star Rail.

You can also head to the Administrative District located in The Overworld in the city of Belobog and give away one Praise of High Morals to the fountain in the Plaza in exchange for items. You’ll need to select the “Fish the treasure out of the fountain“ dialogue for the fountain and you’ll get ancient coins on your fifth attempt. 

You can head to the fountain in the Administrative District.

Once you obtain three Ancient Coins, you will be able to complete the Twinkly, Winkly achievement, one of the 64 in The Memories We Share category. This will get you five of the extremely rare Stellar Jades. As long-time Honkai players know, Stellar Jade can be used to purchase Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes in the Store or the Warp Menu. 

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