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How to Get a Blue Crosshair in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's in-game settings do not allow you to fully customize your crosshair but there is a way to bypass that.
By using an open-source app created by Valorant's community members, you can change your crosshair's color to anything you want.
The Valorant Crosshair Changer app can allow you to get a blue crosshair in Valorant, by using Riot Games' own API.

Valorant offers a very extensive crosshair settings menu that allows you to customize your in-game crosshair any way you want. But the settings have their limitations and you are locked into using only a few select colors. There are ways to customize your crosshair and use any color you want. By using the community-created tool “Valorant Crosshair Changer”, you can apply custom colors on your crosshair via a third-party app.

How to set up a blue crosshair in Valorant

  1. Download the latest version of Valorant Crosshair Changer from the official GitHub page.

  2. Launch Valorant and the crosshair changer app. The order does not matter

  3. Wait for the app to automatically log in

  4. Select the profile you want to edit

  5. Choose the crosshair color from the dropdown menus

  6. Save the settings

  7. Restart Valorant

Valorant Crosshair Changer to set up a Blue crosshair

To change other crosshair elements, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Hit Escape in-game in Valorant

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Head to Crosshair

  4. You can now edit the outlines including the thickness and opacity

  5. The Center Dot setting helps you customize the visual indicator that denotes where your shots land

Should you turn the movement and firing error settings on or off?

Understanding movement error and firing error is important if you want to see how they affect your accuracy when shooting. You can toggle both settings in the shooting range and see how they affect the crosshair visuals. If you leave both settings on, you will notice that the lines on your crosshair react to you moving or firing your weapon, making your crosshair bigger.

The settings are useful for newer players who are not used to FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Still, if you are a veteran or have a decent grasp of how to correct your aim when shooting any weapon in Valorant, you can safely turn these settings off unless you really like having them on. It reduces visual clutter, and you rely on your muscle memory more to adjust your shots.

Is it safe to use Valorant Crosshair Changer?

The tool uses Riot Games’ own API and does not change the game files nor modify Valorant's security features. The app uses the Client API and sends data directly to Valorant’s server, similar to the League Client Update (LCU) tool for League of Legends.

Players can also check out the source code of the app at:

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